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immigrants and terrorists

Okay folks let's just take a little step back here and look at the reasons why people do not want Muslim / Islam integration within our society in the UK.  Here is a factual list of what Muslims have done over the years. Now you can't be racist or anything like that if you cite facts which even a Google search will tell you, so let's begin with listing some of the atrocities that have been perpetrated by Muslims:
The Paris attacks were Muslims
The Shoe bomber was a Muslim
The Orlando attack was a Muslim
The Beltway snipers were Muslims
The Fort Hood shooter was a Muslim
The U.S.S. Cole bombers were Muslims
The Madrid Train bombers were Muslims
The Charlie Hebdo attacks were Muslims
The San Bernadino attacks were Muslims
The Bali Nightclub bombers were Muslims
The Davao Philippines attack were Muslims
The Minnesota Mall stabbings was a Muslim
The London Subway bombers were Muslims
The Moscow Theatre attackers were Muslims
The Boston Marathon bombers were Muslims
The Ankara Airport Turkey Attack were Muslims
The Pan-Am Flight #93 bombers were Muslims
The Iranian Embassy Takeover was by Muslims
The Air France Entebbe hijackers were Muslims
The Batta Meena Pakistan attacks were Muslims
The Beirut U.S. Embassy bombers were Muslims
The Libyan U.S. Embassy attack was by Muslims
The Beheading of the French priest were Muslims
The Buenos Aires Suicide bombers were Muslims
The Israeli Olympic Team Attackers were Muslims
The Kenyan U.S Embassy bombers were Muslims
The Saudi, Khobar Towers bombers were Muslims
The Beirut Marine Barracks bombers were Muslims
The Besian Russian School Attackers were Muslims
The First World Trade Center bombers were Muslims
The beheading of journalist Daniel Pearl was done by Muslims
The Achille Lauro cruise ship hijackers were Muslims
The killers of Lee Rigby were Muslims
The Bombay and Mumbai Indian attackers were Muslims
The 7/7 bombers in London were all Muslims
The September 11th 2001 (9/11) Airline Hijackers were Muslims

Ok so let's continue and see where different people from different religions seem to coexist and get along with each other:
Hindus living with Jews = No Problem
Sikhs living with Hindus = No Problem
Sikhs living with Christians = No Problem
Jews living with Atheists = No Problem
Christians living with Jews = No Problem
Christians living with Buddhists = No Problem
Jews living with Buddhists = No Problem
Buddhists living with Sikhs = No Problem
Hindus living with Christians = No Problem
Buddhists living with Hindus = No Problem
Atheists living with Buddhists = No Problem

Right so let's take a look at the people who do not get along with each other:
Muslims living with Jews = Problem
Muslims living with Sikhs = Problem
Muslims living with Hindus = Problem
Muslims living with Atheists = Problem
Muslims living with Christians = Problem
Muslims living with Buddhists = Problem

Anyone see a common theme here?

So now let's take a look at what are some Muslim Social Clubs:
Abdullah Azzam Brigades: AN ISLAMIC TERROR ORGANIZATION, etc.

So now let's understand why a lot of people do not want Muslims living in their communities and why there is a lot of anti Muslim sentiment going on in the UK and the rest of the world.  Let's just put aside for the moment the paedophilia, the rapes, etc, etc.. . .  Now let's reason together whether or not we should allow millions more Muslims to immigrate to this country (the UK), the EU or America or Australia?  Does it really need answering?

April 2017 - muslim grooming gangs of white English girls!  The biased bbc does its best not to identify the common denominator, instead, criticizing Tommy Robinson and others for causing offence to the scum turning up to Court. All moslems revere their so-called prophet mohamad (the founder of islam) as the perfect role model. That same murderous, misogynistic mohamad who raped two women Safiyah & Juwairiyah (whose husbands he firstly beheaded) & took as his sex slaves "wives" that same day, not forgetting of course when aged 53 he raped a poor little girl aged 9 & made her one of his 12 wives. islamic scriptures are quite clear on the last 10 years of mohamad's life. He was a brutal warlord thug, a mass murderer & beheader of Jews, Christians, anyone who would not join his evil cult (& those who took it upon themselves to leave it), a liar, paedophile, bigamist, enslaver of women & children. It's a fact that if mohamad was in the world today he would be classed as a serial murderer, a paedophile & a terrorist. Likewise if someone today were to create a belief system...a political dogma such as islam it would be banned for inciting religious & racial discrimination, misogyny & violence.

Here's some examples of how these people are

  • Amere Singh Dhaliwal 34, Holly Road, Huddersfield 54 offences-21 counts rape, 14 counts trafficking, inciting a child to engage in sexual activity, sexual assault, sexual touching, possession indecent images of a child, racially aggravated assault & inciting a child into prostitution.
  • Raj Singh Barsran 33, Caldercliffe Road, Huddersfield sexual touching & rape.
  • Abdul Rehman 29, Darnley Drive, Sheffield rape, trafficking, supplying drugs, supply of a controlled substance with intent to engage in sexual activity & sexual touching.
  • Nasarat Hussain 28, Upper Mount Street, Huddersfield 3 counts of rape, attempted rape & inciting a female to engage in sexual activity.
  • Irfan Ahmed 32, Yews Hill Road, Huddersfield 6 counts of trafficking, sexual assault, making indecent images of a child & inciting a child to engage in sexual activity.
  • Zubair Ahmed 30,Blackmoorfoot Road, Huddersfield rape & possession of extreme pornography.
  • Mohammed Riswan Aslam 29, Huddersfield Road, Dewsbury 2 counts of rape.
  • Mohammed Kammer 32, West View, Huddersfield 2 counts of rape.
  • Mohammad Nahman 31, West View, Huddersfield trafficking, sexual assault, & 2 counts of rape.
  • Hamzha Ali Saleem 37, Seymour Grove, Old Trafford, Greater Manchester 3 counts of trafficking.
  • Zahid Hassan 28, Bland Street, Huddersfield 8 counts of rape,5 counts of trafficking, racially aggravated assault, supplying drugs, inciting a child into sexual activity, child abduction & attempted rape.
  • Mohammad Azeem 31, Wrose Road, Bradford 3 counts of rape.
  • Sajid Hussain 32, Grasmere Road, Huddersfield 3 counts of rape, facilitating the commission of sexual activity on a child & inciting a child into sexual activity.
  • Mansoor Akhtar 25, Blackmoorfoot Road, Huddersfield rape, attempted rape & 2 counts of trafficking.
  • Mohammed Asaf Akram 31, Springdale Street, Huddersfield 7 counts of rape,3 counts of trafficking, child abduction, supplying drugs, sexual assault & making threats to kill.
  • Zulwarnain Dogar 29, Central Avenue, Huddersfield sexual touching & trafficking.
  • Manzoor Hassan 37, Bland Street, Huddersfield supply of a noxious substance with intent to injure, annoy or aggrieve a female, supply of Class A drugs & inciting a child into prostitution.
  • Mohammad Ifraz 28, North Road, Huddersfield trafficking a female within the UK with a view to her sexual exploitation, rape, false imprisonment, child abduction, taking indecent images of a child & inciting a child to engage in sexual activity.
  • Wiqas Mahmud 36, Banks Crescent, Huddersfield 3 counts of rape.
  • Faisal Nadeem 30,Carr Green, Huddersfield supplying drugs, rape & possession of extreme pornography.
  • Niaz Ahmed 53, Ned Lane, Slaithwaite, Huddersfield inciting a child into sexual activity & sexual assault.
  • Asif Bashir 32, Thornton Lodge Road, Huddersfield 4 counts of rape & attempted rape.
  • Mohammad Imran Ibrar 32, Manchester Road, Huddersfield trafficking, facilitating the commission of sexual activity on a child, assault occasioning actual bodily harm & supplying drugs.
  • Aleem Javaid 27, Everard Street,Huddersfield rape & supplying drugs.
  • Mohammed Saqib Raheel 30, Stourbridge Road, Dudley trafficking & child abduction.
  • Usman Khalid 29, Brook Street, Huddersfield sexual assault, child abduction & sexual touching.
  • Everton La Bastide 50, Manchester Road, Huddersfield 2 counts of sexual assault.
  • Shahnaz Akhtar Malik 55, St Annes Avenue, Huddersfield.
  • Naveeda Habib 38, Prince Wood Lane, Huddersfield.

On November 13, 2015, Islamic barbarism struck the streets of Paris and claimed more than 130 innocent lives, some pictured below. The best tribute we can pay to the victims of these horrific attacks is to act with strength and clarity so that such tragic events never happen again.

muslim attack on France in 2015

We are told again and again by 'experts' and 'talking heads' that Islam is the religion of peace and that the vast majority of Muslims just want to live in peace. Although this unqualified assertion may be true, it is entirely irrelevant. It is meaningless fluff, meant to make us feel better, and meant to somehow diminish the spectre of fanatics rampaging across the globe in the name of Islam.

Peace-loving British, Germans, Japanese, Chinese, Russians, Rwandans, Serbs, Afghans, Iraqis, Palestinians, Somalis, Nigerians, Algerians, and many others have died because of muslims and islam!  When are we, the non muslims going to wake up???

Islamic prayers have now been introduced into Toronto and other public schools in Ontario, and, yes, in Ottawa too while the Lord's Prayer was removed (due to being so offensive?! To whom? Not to the vast majority of Canadians!).

In Australia, and indeed in many countries around the world, many of the most commonly consumed food items have the halal emblem on them. Just look at the back of some of the most popular chocolate bars, and at other food products in your local supermarket. Foods on aircraft have the halal emblem, just to appease the privileged minority who are now rapidly expanding throughout the world.

In the UK, the Muslim communities refuse to integrate and there are now dozens of no-go zones within major cities across the country that the police force dare not intrude upon. Sharia law prevails there, because the Muslim community in those areas refuses to acknowledge British law.

So, I beg you, share this page everywhere in the hope that thousands, world-wide, read this, think about it, and actually do something to stop things BEFORE they get worse.

Madness - muslim preacher linked to the Tunisian beach massacre gets £123,000 legal aid to help him resist being deported from the UK. Hani al-Sibai, a cleric suspected of influencing "Jihadi John", lives in a posh house in west London claiming £50,000 a year in benefits, with his wife and five children. He arrived in Britain in 1994 and was refused asylum in 1998 because of his alleged involvement with the Egyptian terror group Islamic Jihad.

Al-Sibai was detained while the Government tried to deport him, but couldn't because Egypt failed to provide assurances that he would not be in danger there. Over two decades, England has given him £123,000 in legal aid, which paid for representation by top human-rights lawyers. Al-Sibai has been named as an influence on Tunisian terror group Ansar al-Sharia, which authorities believe to have recruited and trained Seifeddine Rezgui Yacoubi, who killed 38 tourists at the five-star Riu Imperial Marhaba Hotel in Sousse on June 26th 2015.

Here is the speech of Geert Wilders, Chairman, Party for Freedom, the Netherlands, at the Four Seasons, New York, introducing an Alliance of Patriots and announcing the Facing Jihad Conference in Jerusalem.

Dear Friends, All is not well in the world. There is a tremendous danger looming, and it is very difficult to be optimistic. We might be in the final stages of the Islamization of Europe. This not only is a clear and present danger to the future of Europe itself, it is a threat to America and the sheer survival of the West.

First I will describe the situation on the ground in Europe. Then, I will say a few things about Islam. To close I will tell you about a meeting in Jerusalem.

The Europe you know is changing. You have probably seen the landmarks. But in all of these cities, sometimes a few blocks away from your tourist destination, there is another world. It is the world of the parallel society created by Muslim mass-migration.

All throughout Europe, a new reality is rising, entire Muslim neighbourhoods where very few indigenous people reside or are even seen and if they are, they might regret it. This goes for the police as well. It's the world of head scarves, where women walk around in figureless tents, with baby strollers and a group of children. Their husbands, or slaveholders if you prefer, walk three steps ahead. With mosques on many street corners. The shops have signs in a language you and I cannot understand. You will be hard-pressed to find any economic activity. These are Muslim ghettos controlled by religious fanatics. These are Muslim neighbourhoods, and they are mushrooming in every city across Europe. These are the building-blocks for territorial control of increasingly larger portions of Europe, street by street, neighbourhood by neighbourhood, city by city.

There are now thousands of mosques throughout Europe. With larger congregations than there are in churches. And in every European city there are plans to build super-mosques that will dwarf every church in the region. Clearly, the signal is a bad one!

Many European cities are already one-quarter Muslim: just take Amsterdam, Marseille and Malmo in Sweden. In many cities the majority of the under-18 population is Muslim. Paris is now surrounded by a ring of Muslim neighbourhoods. Mohammed is the most popular name among boys in many cities.

In some elementary schools in Amsterdam the farm can no longer be mentioned, because that would also mean mentioning the pig, and that would be an insult to Muslims.

Many state schools in Belgium and Denmark only serve halal food to all pupils. In once-tolerant Amsterdam, gays are beaten up almost exclusively by Muslims. Non-Muslim women routinely hear 'whore, whore'.

In France, school teachers are advised to avoid authors deemed offensive to Muslims, including Voltaire and Diderot; the same is increasingly true of Darwin. The history of the Holocaust can sadly, no longer be taught because of Muslim sensitivity.

In England, sharia courts are now officially part of the British legal system. Many neighborhoods in France are no-go areas for women without head scarves. In 2009, a man almost died after being beaten up by Muslims in Brussels, because he was drinking during the Ramadan!

Jews are fleeing France in record numbers, on the run from the worst wave of anti-semitism since World War II.  There are many, many depressing stories like these stories about Islamization.

A total of fifty-four million Muslims now live in Europe.  San Diego University recently calculated that, due to out-of-control immigration, together with the higher birth rates of Muslims, on average, there could be a Muslim majority in Europe by 2025!

Now, these are just numbers and the numbers would not be threatening if the Muslim-immigrants had a strong desire to assimilate. But there are few signs of that. The Pew Research Center reported that half of French Muslims see their loyalty to Islam as greater than their loyalty to France. One-third of French Muslims do not object to suicide attacks. The British Centre for social cohesion reported that one-third of British Muslim students are in favour of a worldwide caliphate. Muslims demand what they call 'respect' and this is how we give them respect. We also have Muslim official state holidays.

The Christian-Democratic attorney general is willing to accept sharia in the Netherlands if there is a Muslim majority, which there could be, in time.

Muslim demands are supported by unlawful behaviour, ranging from petty crimes and random violence, for example against ambulance workers and bus drivers, to small-scale riots. Paris has seen its uprising in the low-income suburbs. These Muslims do not come to integrate into our societies; they come to integrate our society into their Dar-al-Islam.

Much of this street violence mentioned is directed exclusively against non-Muslims, forcing many native people to leave their neighbourhoods, their cities, their countries. Moreover, Muslims are now a swing vote not to be ignored.

The second thing you need to know, is the importance of Mohammed the prophet. His behaviour is an example to all Muslims and cannot be criticized. Now, if Mohammed had been a man of peace, let us say like Ghandi and Mother Theresa wrapped in one, there would be no problem. But Mohammed was a warlord, a mass murderer and a paedophile!! Islamic tradition tells us how he even had prisoners of war executed.  Mohammed slaughtered the Jewish tribe of Banu Qurayza.

Let no one fool you about Islam being a religion. Sure, it has a god, and a here-after, and '72 virgins'. But in its essence, Islam is a political ideology. It is a system that lays down detailed rules for society and the life of every person. Islam wants to dictate every aspect of life. Islam means 'submission'. Islam is not compatible with freedom and democracy, because what it strives for is sharia. If you want to compare Islam to anything, compare it to communism or national-socialism, these are all totalitarian ideologies.

Now you know why Winston Churchill called Islam 'the most retrograde force in the world', and why he compared Mein Kampf to the Quran. The public has wholeheartedly accepted the Palestinian narrative, and sees Israel as the aggressor. I have lived in Israel and visited it dozens of times. I support Israel. First, because it is the Jewish homeland after two thousand years of exile up to and including Auschwitz, second because it is a democracy, and third because Israel is our first line of defence.

This tiny country is situated on the fault line of jihad, frustrating Islam's territorial advance. Israel is facing the front lines of jihad, like Kashmir, Kosovo, the Philippines, Southern Thailand, Darfur in Sudan, Lebanon, and Aceh in Indonesia. Israel is simply in the way. The same way West-Berlin was during the Cold War.

The war against Israel is not a war against Israel. It is a war against the West. It is jihad. Israel is simply receiving the blows that are meant for all of us. If there would have been no Israel, Islamic imperialism would have found other venues to release its energy and its desire for conquest. Thanks to Israeli parents who send their children to the army and lay awake at night, parents in Europe and America can sleep well and dream, unaware of the dangers looming.

Many in Europe argue in favour of abandoning Israel in order to address the grievances of our Muslim minorities. But if Israel were, God forbid, to go down, it would not bring any solace to the West It would not mean our Muslim minorities would all of a sudden change their behaviour, and accept our values. On the contrary, the end of Israel would give enormous encouragement to the forces of Islam. They would, and rightly so, see the demise of Israel as proof that the West is weak, and doomed. The end of Israel would not mean the end of our problems with Islam, but only the beginning. It would mean the start of the final battle for world domination. If they can get Israel, they can get everything. So-called journalists volunteer to label any and all critics of Islamization as a 'right-wing extremists' or 'racists'. In my country, the Netherlands, 60 percent of the population now sees the mass immigration of Muslims as the number one policy mistake since World War 2, and another 60 percent sees Islam as the biggest threat. Yet there is a danger, greater danger than terrorist attacks, the scenario of America as the last man standing. The lights may go out in Europe faster than you can imagine. An Islamic Europe means a Europe without freedom and democracy, an economic wasteland, an intellectual nightmare, and a loss of military might for America - as its allies will turn into enemies, enemies with atomic bombs. With an Islamic Europe, it would be up to America alone to preserve the heritage of Rome, Athens and Jerusalem.

Dear friends, liberty is the most precious of gifts. Todays younger generation never had to fight for this freedom, it was offered to us on a silver platter, by people who fought for it with their lives. All throughout Europe, American cemeteries remind us of the young boys who never made it home, and whose memory we cherish. We do not own this freedom; we are merely its custodians. We can only hand over this hard won liberty to Europe's children in the same state in which it was offered to us. We cannot strike a deal with mullahs and imams. Future generations would never forgive us. We cannot squander our liberties. We simply do not have the right to do so. We have to take the necessary action NOW to stop this Islamic stupidity from trying to destroy the free world that we know and enjoy.

When you look at the information below, do you feel it is right?

UK - Immigration, totally wrong!!

Please take the time to read and understand what is on this page and via the link below, please send it to every person that you know, it is so very important.

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The lefties are up in arms about stop and search? Khan's London is coming to every town and city unless Police are given and use all powers available to them. The Home Secretary, despite much opposition from the left, is pressing ahead with such powers South Yorkshire Police.

Two friends jailed for life on 30 July 2021, after the fatal Sheffield stabbing of father of two, Marcus Ramsey, who was stabbed to death in a Sheffield street last summer. Marcus Ramsey - Ruben Munro - Isaac Ramsey

Marcus Ramsey, then 35, died after an altercation at a street party escalated in to significant disorder, which culminated in him being stabbed through the heart shortly after midnight on Saturday 8 August 2020. Appearing before Sheffield Crown Court on Friday 11 June 2021, Ruben Moreno, now 18, was convicted of murder. His co-defendant, Isaac Ramsey, also 18, was found guilty of manslaughter. Returning to court today, Moreno was sentenced to serve a minimum of 18 years behind bars for the murder of Marcus. At the same hearing, Ramsay was jailed for a minimum of 14 years for manslaughter. Moreno and Ramsey, then both 17, attended the party in Horninglow Road, Firth Park, on the evening of Friday 7 August 2020. Both arrived with knives. At 12.15am on Saturday 8 August, a then 24-year-old man was slashed across the chest and abdomen. This set off a chain of events which, just 17 minutes later, led to the fatal stabbing of Marcus at the hands of Moreno. At the time, Marcus was trying to prevent the pair from chasing his brother through the crowds.

Handing the two their sentence, Judge HH Kelson QC said: "Marcus Ramsay died a hero. He gave his life to save his brother. He never saw the knife coming, you never gave him a chance."

Senior investigating officer, DCI Mark Oughton remarked that he was pleased with the sentences handed to the duo in court. Speaking at the time of their conviction, he said: “This case yet again lays bare the horrors brought by knife crime. “Marcus Ramsay was an innocent bystander, whose gut instinct was to intervene and protect his brother from these two people. Marcus was doing his very best to protect his brother. He wasn’t involved in the evening’s violence; he was trying to put a stop to it.” “It’s important that we firstly recognise the dignity and resilience shown by Marcus’s family. They have attended court every single day, and over the last five weeks have heard harrowing details of his final moments while enduring the defendants doing their very best to distance themselves from any blame.

Moreno and Ramsey had been identified numerous times on CCTV on the evening of Marcus’s death. Footage captured them producing their knives and then fleeing as Marcus was dying. Police later recovered both knives in close proximity to the stabbing, while launching a manhunt for the duo who went on the run for several weeks. DCI Oughton continued: “This has been a complex and lengthy inquiry. The investigation team reviewed hundreds of hours of CCTV footage and spoke to countless witnesses who were at the street party that night. “It is thanks to the efforts of my team, and the support of the public, that we have been able to present such a strong case at court. “It is undeniable that Moreno and Ramsey arriving with knives dramatically, and unnecessarily, escalated this situation. Both these two had a propensity for carrying weapons, and I am pleased that justice has been served today. The streets of South Yorkshire will be safer without them.” Moreno, formerly of Aldfield Way, was also given 18 months after admitting possession of a bladed article and was handed a further five year sentence after being convicted of attempted wounding on the same evening. These sentences will run concurrently. Ramsey, formerly of Andover Street, was given a six year term for his involvement in the same incident. He was handed a further eight years after being convicted of wounding with intent after an assault which occurred in Gower Street, Burngreave on Friday 20 December 2019. Following a minor car crash, Ramsey senselessly stabbed the other driver, who was unarmed, four times. The 33-year-old required hospital treatment for his injuries, which included a collapsed lung. These sentences will run concurrently.


Stop and search needs to start right now!!

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Human Rights ! ! !
In 2008, the Human Rights Act allowed Italian-born Learco Chindamo, (pictured here), the killer of the headteacher Philip Lawrence, to escape deportation back to Italy.Human rights, Italian Learco Chindamo, killer of innocent Philip Lawrence

The murder of Philip Lawrence was an event that took place on 8 December 1995. Philip Ambrose Lawrence QGM, a headmaster at a London secondary school, was stabbed to death outside the gates of his school by Italian Learco Chindamo, when he went to the aid of a pupil who was being attacked by a gang.

The man who knifed head teacher Philip Lawrence to death, Learco Chindamo, has been allowed to stay in the UK after winning an appeal against deportation to Italy, where he came from, because of human rights!!

Learco Chindamo, 26, is serving a 'life sentence' for killing Philip Lawrence outside his London school in 1995.

Chindamo's lawyers argued that deporting him to Italy, where he was born, would breach his human rights.

Philip Lawrence (pictured here) and his wife Frances had three daughters and a son.  Human rights, innocent Philip Lawrence, killed by Italian Learco Chindamo

In August 2007, an Asylum and Immigration Tribunal ruled that Learco Chindamo could not be deported to his home country of Italy on completion of his prison sentence, as doing so would allegedly breach his human rights!!!

Although the Home Office argued that Learco Chindamo presented a "present and serious threat" to society, the human rights tribunal disagreed; they also argued that Learco Chindamo had a right to a "family life" under the terms of the Human Rights Act 1998, the decision was severely criticised by Frances Lawrence, widow of the murdered headteacher Philip Lawrence.

Conservative leader David Cameron argued that the case highlighted the need for a fundamental review of human rights legislation in the United Kingdom, including the abolition of the Human Rights Act 1998 and its replacement with a "British Bill of Rights".

A spokeswoman for the Home Office said: "We believe that foreign prisoners who have committed serious crimes should face automatic deportation from the UK, to their country of origin at the end of their sentence."

It was the second time the UK government had tried to remove Learco Chindamo and send him back to Italy, where he came from.

Mr Lawrence's widow Frances, said she was "totally depressed" by the ruling and Alan Gordon, vice-chairman of the Police Federation of England and Wales (PFEW), said it was a "ludicrous decision" to allow Chindamo to stay.

Mr Gordon of the PFEW said: "The fact that he may be back on the streets of the UK as early as 2010 is in itself disgusting. Life should mean life. "What about the human rights of Philip Lawrence, robbed of his life by a thoughtless knife attack or the human rights of Mr Lawrence's wife and children, deprived of a loving husband and father."

Frances Lawrence said: "I am totally depressed that the Human Rights Act has failed to encompass the rights of my family."  "The notion of human rights falls into disrepute if it's seen that the rights of a convicted murderer somehow are put above the rights of a grieving family whose husband and father have been murdered."

Shadow Home Secretary David Davis added: "It is a stark demonstration of the clumsy incompetence of this Government's human rights legislation that we are unable to send a proven killer back to his own country, especially when that country is in the EU."

Chindamo, who was jailed for life in 1996, was released after just 14 years and then a little later mugged someone in North London.  He was not born in the UK, so surely he should be deported, but, that can't happen, because of human rights!!!

Human Rights!!
Damien Hanson was let out of jail half-way through a 12 year jail sentence for attempted murder, and shortly after release, murdered John Monckton at John Moncktons family home, in front of John Moncktons wife and young daughter. The murder of family man John Monckton

29th of November 2004 - Damien Hanson was being 'supervised' by probation officers, when he killed 49 year old John Victor Monckton during a burglary at the Monckton family home in Chelsea, West London. 

Damien Hanson, pictured here, carried out the murder just 3 months after being let out of jail half way through a 12-year sentence for attempted murder, as this was his human right!!!!

The jury at the trial in the Old Bailey heard that John Monckton fought for his life. He was a "proud and devoted father" who would have stretched every sinew to protect his wife and daughter, 9 year old Isobel.

John Monckton died from multiple stab wounds to his heart and lungs. His daughter Isobel described the horrifying scene from the top of the stairs in a video played to the jury. John Moncktons wife Homeyra Monckton called to their daughter Isobel "help Issie" and the schoolgirl ran downstairs where she saw "blood all over the floor" and on the walls.

Clutching her toy rabbit, she described how she saw her father lying on the floor with his eyes closed. "I knew my Daddy was hurt... in the heart... cos there was blood there, and then I started to cry," she said. The murder of family man John Monckton

John Monckton, his wife Homeyra and two daughters are pictured here.

Homeyra Monckton was attacked as she made for the stairs in a vain attempt to reach a panic button in a bedroom. She lost four litres of blood and needed life saving surgery. Homeyra was stabbed with such force, that the stabbing broke her ribs and damaged her spine, but despite her injuries she was able to instruct Isobel to call for help as the attackers fled.  She is now, not able to walk at all without the aid of a walking stick.

Richard Horwell, prosecuting, said that having overpowered the Moncktons at the front door, the two men ran off with a pair of earrings, two rings, a watch and a purse, total value, a few thousand pounds!. "The cost - one life taken and very nearly a second," he told the jury.  "They left behind John Monckton, dead or effectively dead, and Mrs Monckton with multiple stab wounds to her back. She would have died but for the emergency medical care."

He said Mr Monckton always made a point of being home by 7.30pm so that he could see his daughter before she went to bed. Mrs Monckton, who was in the basement kitchen, reacted first to a ring at the doorbell and spoke to the caller through an intercom. "The caller said he had a parcel for John Monckton" said Mr Horwell."

Mr Monckton said he was not expecting a parcel and was cautious at the front door. He peered through a spy hole and when he opened the door he left a security chain attached. On seeing the killer wearing a postal worker jacket, he removed the chain. "But the moment he had done so, he must have realised the terrible mistake because he tried to close the door again," Mr Horwell said. "His wife joined in to add her strength to what was an unequal contest."

Hanson and his equally 'brave' accomplice, Elliott White, pushed their way in. "They were so close to their prey that they were not going to be defeated. Mr and Mrs Monckton were shouting 'No, No, No' but White and Hanson burst into their home."

Mrs Monckton has described the night, to an Old Bailey Jury, when the two robbers stabbed her husband to death and "destroyed" their lives.

She had to stop for almost a minute to compose herself and wipe tears from her eyes, as she recalled the moment when two raiders burst into their home.  Mrs Monckton, 46, told the Old Bailey of the "sheer panic" she felt as the men forced open their front door. She thought she was going to die after being stabbed in the back. The murder of family man John Monckton

"They destroyed our lives," Mrs Monckton, who now walks with a stick as a result of the attack, told the court.

Hanson, armed with a knife and a firearm, stopped Mrs Monckton climbing the stairs to activate a panic alarm. He struck her and stabbed her in the back before demanding her jewellery using a "calm, flat voice." In the melee, she shouted to her husband: "I am bleeding, I am bleeding."

Hanson then joined White, who was grappling with Mr Monckton by the front door. "This proud and devoted father would have stretched every sinew in his body to protect his wife and daughter," Mr Horwell said. The two attackers left Mr Monckton slumped, dying, by the sitting room door.

Once they had gone, the terrified daughter Isobel emerged to follow instructions from her barely-conscious mother. "What confronted that girl is almost impossible to imagine," Mr Horwell said. "But she is a brave girl and at her mother's request she dialled 999, closed the front door and put on the chain."

John Monckton, 49, headed the bonds division at Legal and General, was raised in Maidstone by his mother and father, Mary and John Monckton. The family moved into a house in Sittingbourne Road in the 1940s. Mrs Monckton died about 20 years ago, but Mr Monkton, a well-known member of the legal profession, stayed on in the same house until his death four years ago.

The Monckton family originally settled in Kent in the 17th century and Mr Monckton still has close relatives in the county, including family in Horsmonden.

Two men called at John Moncktons home in Upper Cheyne Row, Chelsea, on Monday night. Mr Monkton and his wife of 16 years, Homeyra were both stabbed.

The couple were found by their youngest daughter who was in the house at the time and managed to call 999. Both were taken to hospital where Mr Monckton later died. His wife underwent surgery and is expected to recover.

Tim Monckton, a second cousin of the murdered financier, lives in Kent and is a partner in law firm Whitehead Monckton, which has offices in King Street, Maidstone, and High Street, Tenterden.

Tim Monckton, who is the sixth generation of the Monckton family to work in the firm, said his cousin's death was "simply incomprehensible".  "We grew up together and I remember him as a child although we were not as close in recent years," he said. "He was immensely successful in his career in the City of London, but as the national papers have stated, he was also very good with his time and in charity work. I can thoroughly endorse all the good things that have been said about him."

Mr Monckton was a distant relative of Rosa Monckton, a close friend of the late Princess Diana. He was also related to Walter Monckton, a lawyer and adviser to Edward VIII who was awarded the title of Viscount of Brenchley in the late 1950s.

The current Viscount Monckton of Brenchley and his wife Lady Monckton, who live in Harrietsham, near Maidstone, are distant cousins of the murdered City worker.  Lady Monckton said: "His was the other branch of the family, but we were all very, very close. My children are godparents to his children and we were all very close indeed. "He was a very, very good friend and a cousin. They came here and we saw them in London. What's happened is just unimaginable."

John Monckton was born in London on 13 October 1955, grew up in Kent, where his family had settled in the early 17th century, having moved from Yorkshire, and went to Lincoln College, Oxford, where he read classics and modern languages. After graduating, he spent a year at the City University, followed by the Council of Legal Education before being called to the Bar in 1979.

A gentle man who put his family first.  John Monckton, 49, an intensely private man, had come home early on the night he died to help get his youngest daughter, Isobel, now 10, ready for bed. He always tried to be home by her bedtime.

His dedication to his family - his wife, Homeyra, 46, daughter Isobel, and her elder sister, Sabrina, now 13 - was indivisible from the other great factor in his life, the Roman Catholic faith.

He worked tirelessly in fund-raising organisations linked to the church and was well known at their local church in Chelsea and to the Catholic hierarchy in London. The Archbishop of Westminster, Cardinal Cormac Murphy-O'Connor, described him after the murder as "an exceptional and faithful man".

He was educated at Downside, a leading Catholic school, before going to Lincoln College, Oxford, in 1974 to read classics and modern languages. His favoured sport was cricket. After graduating, he was called to the Bar as a member of Lincoln's Inn, though he decided against the legal career of his father. He turned instead to corporate finance.

He was also related to Lord Monckton, the late owner of The Universe, a Catholic newspaper.

John Monckton married Homeyra in 1988.

He worked as an investment banker with Barclays de Zoete Wedd and Foreign & Colonial before joining Legal & General in 1996. At the time of his death he was managing director (bonds) within Legal & General investment management.

In 1977, aged 21, he had become a Knight of the Order of Malta, an ancient Catholic organisation which funds pilgrimages to Lourdes.

He became the first chairman of the White Knights' Ball, an annual event which raises funds for the Order of Malta Volunteers. He was a trustee of the Orders of St John Care Trust, which funds care homes for the elderly.

A large crowd gathered at Westminster Cathedral for a requiem mass to commemorate and celebrate John Moncktons life.

Mr Monckton was a cousin of Rosa Monckton, a close friend of Diana, Princess of Wales and wife of Dominic Lawson, former editor of The Sunday Telegraph.

Mrs Monckton lost seven pints of blood after being stabbed twice and still receives treatment and physiotherapy for her injuries.

We're always hearing of peoples human rights - but, didn't John Monckton have a human right to be alive and with his much loved family?!?


Human rights - don't human rights apply to everyone - including the people being killed?!?  Don't the 'ordinary' law-abiding people of England have a human right to live a safe and happy life?!?  Surely, the community has a right to be protected from dangerous criminals, doesn't it??"

Death Penalty in the UK ?  Most people in the UK would prefer the death penalty in the UK to be brought back again, and even though we're supposed to be in a democratically elected society, the bill to bring back death penalties in the UK keeps being turned down!!!!  How can that be happening in a democratic society??

We know the arguments for death penalties, whether by hanging, lethal injection, guillotine etc, are very strong, especially when the crime is so obviously pre-meditated!!!  If a couple of vile low-life's like the two described above, are knocking on a door, as mentioned above, for the killers of John Monckton, with a knife and a gun, they're not exactly popping round to have a cup of tea, are they??!!

It's time to get real with these scum.  Re-introducing the death penalty in the UK may seem like an excellent solution to get rid of murderers, and if you asked the parents of Jessica Chapman and Holly Wells, who were killed in Soham by the low-life Ian Huntley, perhaps their first response would be to exterminate his life.

What do YOU think?  What are your thoughts on capital punishment for pre-meditated murder?

Nothing will happen until our rulers are subject to the same risks as the rest of us. Remove the barriers and security around Downing Street and parliament, then force ministers to travel by public transport and then we might see some action!!!

Also, why is it, that the Police usually give more help to the aggressors, than the innocents??? 

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London bombings in July 2005  -  the 7 July 2005 London bombings (also known as the 7/7 bombings) was a series of coordinated suicide bomb attacks on London's public transport system during the morning rush hour. The bombings were carried out by 4 'British' Muslim men!!!!

The start of the terrorist bombings in the UK in 2005, happened at 08:50, three bombs exploded within fifty seconds of each other on three London Underground trains. A fourth bomb exploded on a bus nearly an hour later at 09:47 in Tavistock Square. The explosions were packed into rucksacks. The devices were detonated manually by the bombers themselves in intentional suicide attacks and so killing innocent UK citizens.

The bombings killed 56 people, including the four bombers, injured 700, and caused disruption of the city's transport system (severely for the first day) and the country's mobile telecommunications infrastructure. The series of explosions constituted the largest and deadliest terrorist attack on London's transport system in history.

A permanent memorial was unveiled in Hyde Park on the 7th July 2009, the fourth anniversary of the bombings, as a tribute to the 52 murder victims.

The following 4 bombers carried out the attacks:
Mohammad Sidique Khan (30) - Edgware Road Tube Station 8:50am. Lived in Dewsbury with his wife and young child.

Mohammad Sidique Khan - Killer of innocent people in the London Bombings in July 2005

Shehzad Tanweer (22) - Aldgate Tube Station 8:50am. Lived in Leeds with his mother and father working in a fish-and-chip shop.

Shehzad Tanweer - Killer of innocent people in the London Bombings in July 2005

Germaine Lindsay (sometimes wrongly referred to as Jermaine Lindsay) (19) - Russell Square Tube Station 8:50am. Lived in Aylesbury, Buckinghamshire with his wife.

Germaine Lindsay - Killer of innocent people in the London Bombings in July 2005

Hasib Hussain (18) - Tavistock Square 9:47am. Lived in Leeds with his brother Imran and sister-in-law Shazia.

Hasib Hussain - Killer of innocent people in the London Bombings in July 2005

The 52 victims who died as a result of the 7 July bombings are listed below.

King's Cross Station - Russell Square Station bomb
27 People, (including the terrorist bomber Germaine Lindsay) were killed by the bomb that was exploded by the terrorist on the Piccadilly line between Kings Cross and Russell Square. 340 people were injured, some very severely, Gill Hicks being one of the worst injured, losing both legs, more details on Gill Hicks are further down below..

Below, are the 26 innocent victims who just happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time!!

James Adams, 32, a mortgage broker who was travelling from his home in Peterborough to London through King's Cross from where he called his mother.

James Adams, innocent victim killed by extremists in the London Bombings in July 2005

Samantha Badham, 35, had taken the Tube with her partner, Lee Harris. The couple usually cycled to work but caught the Tube because they were planning a romantic dinner to celebrate their 14th anniversary.
Lee Harris, 30, an architect who died after receiving treatment at the Royal London Hospital in Whitechapel, east London. His partner, Samantha Badham, also died in the attacks. Lee and Samantha are both pictured below.

Samantha Badham and Lee Harris, innocent victims killed by extremists in the London Bombings in July 2005

Phil (Philip) Beer, 22, a hair stylist, was on his way to work at the Sanrizz salon in Knightsbridge with his best friend, Patrick Barnes, who was injured.

Phil (Philip) Beer, innocent victim killed by extremists in the London Bombings in July 2005

Anna Brandt, 41, living in Wood Green. She had 2 daughters.

Anna Brandt, innocent victim killed by extremists in the London Bombings in July 2005

Ciaran Cassidy, 24, of Upper Holloway, north London, on his way to his job as a shop assistant for a printing company in Chancery Lane.

Ciaran Cassidy, innocent victim killed by extremists in the London Bombings in July 2005

Elizabeth Daplyn, 26, an administrator at University College Hospital in London, left home in Highgate with her partner, Rob Brennan, before taking a Piccadilly Line train.

Elizabeth Daplyn, innocent victim killed by extremists in the London Bombings in July 2005

Arthur Frederick, 60, living in Seven Sisters, north London, on his way to work at the Victoria and Albert Museum.

Arthur Frederick, innocent victim killed by extremists in the London Bombings in July 2005

Karolina Gluck, 29, said goodbye to boyfriend, Richard Deer, 28, at 08:30. The IT consultant was travelling from Finsbury Park to Russell Square.

Karolina Gluck, innocent victim killed by extremists in the London Bombings in July 2005

Gamze Gunoral, 24, left her aunt's house in north London to catch the tube to go to her language college in Hammersmith.

Gamze Gunoral, innocent victim killed by extremists in the London Bombings in July 2005

Ojara Ikeagwu, 55, a married mother-of-three from Luton, was on her way to Hounslow where she worked as a social worker.

Ojara Ikeagwu, innocent victim killed by extremists in the London Bombings in July 2005

Emily Jenkins, 24, from Richmond. She was waiting to hear whether she had been successful in her application to become a midwife, on the day she was killed.

Emily Jenkins, innocent victim killed by extremists in the London Bombings in July 2005

Adrian Johnson, 37, a keen golfer and hockey-player with two young children. He was on his way to work at the Burberry fashion house in Haymarket where he was a product technical manager.

Adrian Johnson, innocent victim killed by extremists in the London Bombings in July 2005

Helen Jones, 28, a Scottish (London-based) accountant who had previously escaped death in 1988 when wreckage of Pan Am Flight 103 crashed upon Lockerbie. Her family, from Chapelknowe, Dumfries and Galloway, said: "Helen will live on in the hearts of her family and her many, many friends".

Helen Jones, innocent victim killed by extremists in the London Bombings in July 2005

Susan Levy, 53, from Cuffley in Hertfordshire, the mother of Daniel, 25, and James, 23. She had just said goodbye to her younger son.

Susan Levy, innocent victim killed by extremists in the London Bombings in July 2005

Shelley Mather, 26, a tour manager with Contiki Tours.

Shelley Mather, innocent victim killed by extremists in the London Bombings in July 2005

Michael Matsushita, 37, left his fiancee, Rosie Cowen, 28, at the couple's flat in Islington for his second day at work as a tour guide. He had lived in New York at the time of the 9/11 attack

Michael Matsushita, innocent victim killed by extremists in the London Bombings in July 2005

James Mayes, 28, worked as an analyst for the Healthcare Commission and had just returned from a holiday in Prague. He was heading from his home in Barnsbury to an 'away day' at Lincoln's Inn and was thought to be travelling by Tube via King's Cross.

James Mayes, innocent victim killed by extremists in the London Bombings in July 2005

Behnaz Mozakka, 47, a biomedical records officer from Finchley who worked at Great Ormond Street Children's Hospital.

Behnaz Mozakka, innocent victim killed by extremists in the London Bombings in July 2005

Mihaela Otto, 46, known as Michelle Otto. A dental technician of Mill Hill, North London.

Mihaela Otto, innocent victim killed by extremists in the London Bombings in July 2005

Atique Sharifi, 24, an Afghan national who was living in Hounslow, Middlesex.

Atique Sharifi, innocent victim killed by extremists in the London Bombings in July 2005

Ihab Slimane, a 24-year-old I.T. graduate, who was working as a waiter at a restaurant near Piccadilly Circus, was said by friends to have caught a Tube from Finsbury Park.

Ihab Slimane, innocent victim killed by extremists in the London Bombings in July 2005

Christian Small, 28, an advertising salesman from Walthamstow, East London.

Christian Small, innocent victim killed by extremists in the London Bombings in July 2005

Monika Suchocka, 23, a trainee accountant in West Kensington. A flatmate named Kim Phillip said whilst she was still missing: "This is her first time in London and she is really enjoying the excitement of it all".

Monika Suchocka, innocent victim killed by extremists in the London Bombings in July 2005

Mala Trivedi, 51, from Wembley was manager of the X-ray department at Great Ormond Street Children's Hospital.

Mala Trivedi, innocent victim killed by extremists in the London Bombings in July 2005

Rachelle Chung Yuen, 27, an accountant from Mill Hill, north London, who was originally from Mauritius.

Rachelle Chung Yuen, innocent victim killed by extremists in the London Bombings in July 2005

Edgware Road Station / Paddington Station bomb
7 People (including the terrorist bomber Mohammad Sidique Khan) were killed by the bomb that was exploded by the terrorist on the Circle line, which had just left Edgware Road, heading for Paddington station.

Below, are the 6 who just happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time!!

Michael Brewster, 52, a father of two who was travelling to work from Derby. He died in the arms of fellow passengers who tried to help.

Michael Brewster, innocent victim killed by extremists in the London Bombings in July 2005

Jonathan Downey, 34, an HR systems development officer with the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea from Milton Keynes, had just said goodbye to his wife at Euston.

Jonathan Downey, innocent victim killed by extremists in the London Bombings in July 2005

David Foulkes, 22, a media sales worker from Oldham, Greater Manchester, was on his way to meet a colleague. It was his first ever journey on the London Tube network.

David Foulkes, innocent victim killed by extremists in the London Bombings in July 2005

Colin Morley, 52, of Finchley, marketing consultant. He was originally from Crosby, Liverpool.

Colin Morley, innocent victim killed by extremists in the London Bombings in July 2005

Jenny Nicholson, 24, daughter of a Bristol vicar, who had just started work at a music company in London.

Jenny Nicholson, innocent victim killed by extremists in the London Bombings in July 2005

Laura Webb, 29, from Islington, a PA. Laura was the youngest of three children.

Laura Webb, innocent victim killed by extremists in the London Bombings in July 2005

Aldgate Station / Liverpool Street Station bomb
8 People, (including the terrorist bomber Shehzad Tanweer) were killed by the bomb that was exploded by the terrorist on the Circle line, shortly after the train left Aldgate station going towards Liverpool Street Station.

Below, are the 7 who just happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time!!

Lee Baisden, 34, an accountant from Romford who was going to work at the London Fire Brigade.

Lee Baisden, innocent victim killed by extremists in the London Bombings in July 2005

Benedetta Ciaccia, 30, a business analyst from Norwich.

Benedetta Ciaccia, innocent victim killed by extremists in the London Bombings in July 2005

Richard Ellery, 21, was travelling from his home in Ipswich to his job in the Jessops store in Kensington, via Liverpool Street Station. He texted his parents, Beverley and Trevor, at 8.30am to say he was on his way to work.

Richard Ellery, innocent victim killed by extremists in the London Bombings in July 2005

Richard Gray, 41, a father of two young children, who worked as a tax manager. He was from Ipswich. At the remembrance service for the victims of the bombings in November 2005, Richard's daughter, Ruby, was chosen to present flowers to the Queen.

Richard Gray, innocent victim killed by extremists in the London Bombings in July 2005

Anne Moffat, 48, from Harlow in Essex, who was head of marketing and communications for Girlguiding UK.

Anne Moffat, innocent victim killed by extremists in the London Bombings in July 2005

Fiona Stevenson, 29, a solicitor who lived at the Barbican, London. Her parents, Ivan and Eimar, of Little Baddow, Essex, described her as "irreplaceable".

Fiona Stevenson, innocent victim killed by extremists in the London Bombings in July 2005

Carrie Taylor, a 24-year-old graduate from Billericay, Essex. June Taylor, her mother, said: "We have a little farewell ritual. Carrie gives me a kiss goodbye". The day before the bombings, she had written on the bare plastered wall of her parents kitchen (which was about to be redecorated) 'Carrie Louise Taylor, 6/7/05'.

Carrie Taylor, innocent victim killed by extremists in the London Bombings in July 2005

Tavistock Square bus bomb
14 People, (including the terrorist bomber Hasib Hussain) were killed by the bomb that was exploded by the terrorist on the number 30 bus at Tavistock Square.

Tavistock Square bus bomb - July 2005

Below, are the 13 innocent victims who just happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time!!

Anthony Fatayi-Williams, 26, an executive with an oil and gas company based in Old Street.

Anthony Fatayi-Williams, innocent victim killed by extremists in the London Bombings in July 2005

Jamie Gordon, 30, from Enfield, worked for City Asset Management and was engaged to be married to his girlfriend Yvonne Nash.

Jamie Gordon, innocent victim killed by extremists in the London Bombings in July 2005

Giles Hart, 55, a BT engineer from Hornchurch and father-of-two, was travelling to Angel Tube Station via Aldgate Tube Station.

Giles Hart, innocent victim killed by extremists in the London Bombings in July 2005

Marie Hartley, 34, from Oswaldtwistle, Lancashire, was in London on a course. She was a mother of two young sons.

Marie Hartley, innocent victim killed by extremists in the London Bombings in July 2005

Miriam Hyman, 32, from Barnet, North London, a picture researcher. Just before getting on the ill-fated bus, she had spoken to her father by phone after being evacuated from King's Cross station and reassured him that she was all right!

Miriam Hyman, innocent victim killed by extremists in the London Bombings in July 2005

Shahara Akther Islam, 20, from Plaistow, East London, a bank cashier who lived with her parents, she was the eldest of three children.

Shahara Akther Islam, innocent victim killed by extremists in the London Bombings in July 2005

Neetu Jain, 37, was evacuated from Euston and caught the bus to take her to work as a computer analyst. Ms Jain was planning to move in with her boyfriend, Gous Ali.

Neetu Jain, innocent victim killed by extremists in the London Bombings in July 2005

Sam Ly, 28, died at the National Hospital of Neurology - the only fatality of the ten Australians caught in this terrorist bombing.

Sam Ly, innocent victim killed by extremists in the London Bombings in July 2005

Shyanuja Parathasangary, 30, a post office worker travelling from Kensal Rise to Alder Street.

Shyanuja Parathasangary, innocent victim killed by extremists in the London Bombings in July 2005

Anat Rosenberg, 39, a charity worker who called her boyfriend to tell him she was on the Number 30 bus moments before the blast.

Anat Rosenberg, innocent victim killed by extremists in the London Bombings in July 2005

Philip Russell (Phil Russell), a 28-year-old finance worker at JP Morgan who lived at Kennington in South-East London.

Phil Russell, innocent victim killed by extremists in the London Bombings in July 2005

William Wise, 54, an IT specialist at Equitas Holdings in St Mary Axe.

William Wise, innocent victim killed by extremists in the London Bombings in July 2005

Gladys Wundowa, 50, from Ilford in Essex, a cleaner at University College London. She had finished her shift and was heading to a college course in Shoreditch.

Gladys Wundowa, innocent victim killed by extremists in the London Bombings in July 2005

Gill Hicks, one of the survivors of the horrific bomb attack at Kings Cross / Russell Square, lost both of her legs in the London bomb blast caused by Huddersfield terrorist Germaine Lindsay.Gill Hicks - one of the innocent victims of the July 7th 2005 bombings

But 7/7 survivor Gill Hicks pictured right, has since completed a 200-mile challenge by walking through Dewsbury and Batley.

Mrs Hicks, who now wears prosthetic legs, has walked from Leeds to London to encourage "honest dialogue" among diverse communities.

She said: "I am truly grateful to even be alive and I am determined to make my life count, to make a significant difference.

"Building peace and reconciliation and obviously trying to deter anyone from following a path to violent action is my main focus.

Gill Hicks was the last person to be pulled alive from the wreckage of the tube train blown up by the terrorist bomber Germaine Lindsay, near King's Cross station in 2005.

She later set up a campaign group called Making a Difference (Mad) for Peace with her husband, Joe Kerr.

The walkers set off from Leeds city centre and walked through the suburb of Beeston, where bombers Shezhad Tanweer and Hasib Hussain lived.

Gill Hicks lost both of her legs, because of Muslim terrorist bomber Germaine Lindsay, pictured right, who changed his name to Abdullah Shaheed Jamal, when he converted to Islam!!

The nineteen-year-old suicide bomber responsible for the King's Cross explosion, known as the "fourth man", Germaine Lindsay, played a key co-ordinating role in the London bus and tube terrorist bombings that killed 52 people. Germaine Lindsay - Bomber of innocent people on the July 7th 2005 London Bombings

It's known that the three other bombers travelled from West Yorkshire to London via Luton. After they detonated their devices to deadly effect, further bombs were found at Luton station in Jamal's red Fiat car.

Officers believe there may be significance in the fact that the group travelled to meet Jamal in Luton rather than going direct to London from Leeds.

They are also trying to establish whether the devices left behind in Jamal's car were intended for other suicide bombers to use on this or on future terrorist missions.

Jamal, 19, a convert who was raised in Huddersfield but born in Jamaica, is believed to have had the connections that made the terrorist operation possible.

Newspaper reports, claim that Jamal also spent time at a Brixton mosque in south London with Richard Reid, the convert jailed after trying to blow up an airliner with a bomb in his shoe.

It emerged that the bombs used in London contained a substance similar to that within the device used by Reid. A knowledgeable source said: "There is no doubt that he was a main player. He moved around a lot and seemed to have the contacts. But his movements themselves throw up a lot more questions. Piece by piece we are putting this together."

How Jamal came to choose a path that would end in such notoriety baffles police and acquaintances alike. There were no clues in what many describe as a gentle nature that he had the capacity to kill on such a grand scale.

He was born Germaine Maurice Lindsay in the West Indies but spent much of his childhood in the Huddersfield suburb of Dalton in Holays, a street of semi-detached municipal-style homes.

Little is known about his home life but, towards the end of his secondary school education, he started to wear traditional Islamic dress of a long shirt and cap. His younger sister Lauren also began to wear the traditional headscarf.

Jamal's mother was reported to have remarried and moved to Cleveland, Ohio, about three years ago, but federal sources told journalists in the city that she had since moved on elsewhere in the US since then, and had appeared in Florida and New England. Her immediate whereabouts were not clear yesterday. The public housing estate in Cleveland that was her last known address has been torn down.

Before she left for the US, she found her son a house in the Birkby area of Huddersfield and it was there that he began a relationship with Samantha Lewthwaite, the white Englishwoman who is being guarded by police at a safe house and who is pregnant with their second child.

Abdullah Shaheed Jamal and Samantha Lewthwaite lived in a terraced house, paying the £63 a week rent by claiming housing benefit!!! He would supplement his income by working occasionally, selling mobile phone covers at the local Saturday market.

He would sometimes pray at the nearby Omar Masjid mosque and the couple had their first child, Abdullah, last July. Later they moved south to Aylesbury, where Ms Lewthwaite was born and educated and where her closest relatives still live.

But for all the time she was there, she had limited contact with members of her family. The couple had even less contact with neighbours in Northern Road, Aylesbury, where they rented a tidy red-brick house on a six-month contract.

Sadeer Saleem, Mohammed Shakil and Waheed Ali, pictured below, conspired with the July 7 bombers.

Terrorist bombers of innocent people on the July 7th 2005 London Bombings

Human rights!!!  Why on earth is the UK so soft on people who whinge about human rights?? Didn't Gill Hicks have a human right to travel to work without losing both of her legs??!!??

Have you thought about any of this:

How do you feel about Muslim gangs grooming young white British girls?

How do you feel about the Koran promoting marriage of middle aged/elderly men to nine year old girls?

How do you feel about Islamists killing ALL Infidels? (THIS MEANS ALL NON-MUSLIMS!)

How do you feel about female genital mutilation at 6 years old?

How do you feel about women being stoned to death for being raped?

How do you feel about Muslims flying planes full of innocent people into tall buildings killing 1,000's of innocent people?

How do you feel about Muslims blowing up trains and buses full of innocent people?

How do you feel about Muslims walking along beaches and killing innocent holidaymakers with sub machine guns and grenades?

How do you feel about a UK MP liking the comments below about the abused English white girls in Rotherham???

Naz Shah MP - complete idiot and a betrayal to the people in the UK

How do you feel about about the injustices mentioned below??

Muslim problems in the UK - Islam problems in the UK

British citizens have had enough

We have had enough of being ignored.
We have had enough of government trying to keep us quiet.
We have had enough of being lied to by governments.
We have had enough of innocent British people named as racist, bigots, facists, islamaphobic,far right.when all we are is innocent British citizens concerned about the safety of our children, women and others, as well as our country.
We have had enough of our children as young as 11 being gang raped multiple times, tortured and killed.
We have had enough of no go zones in our own country.
We have had enough of imams preaching hatred and death to the west in mosques.
We have had enough of people preaching hatred on our streets as well as saying it’s okay to interfere with young children.
We have had enough of extremists walking around freely in our country.
We have had enough of millions of illegal immigrants in the UK.
We have had enough of young children killing one another through growing gang culture and drugs, because of lack of policing due to cuts by the government.
We have had enough of people walking free from courts when they are guilty as sin, or they receive weak sentences.
We have had enough of political correctness.
We have had enough of slaughtered halal meat being sold in our UK shops.
We have had enough of seeing death threats to British citizens on video’s if we don’t agree with the extremists, sharia laws and Islam.
We have had enough of corruption in politics and our government there for self interest and greed, instead of doing what they are supposed to do which is to serve and protect our British citizens and country.
We have had enough of being the capital of acid attacks and child rape, as well as stabbings and shootings.
We have had enough of our voices and concerns being ignored.
We have had enough of our country being bled dry by the corrupt EU run by corrupt elites establishments and threats just because we want out, especially after all the billions if not trillions we have given them not to mention all the help.
We have had enough of billions if not trillions going to foreign aid when our own country is desperate for funding, housing, NHS, lack of soldiers, police, prison officers, etc.
We have had enough of foreign aid going to corrupt governments and countries.
We have had enough of homelessness, food banks trebling, poverty growing, soldiers taking their own lives because of lack of help.
Britain has had enough of keeping the gravy train running for the corrupt elites establishments and other countries while our own are made to work longer hours and more years with our pensions being lower than a lot of countries you the government gives to, and it’s a bloody disgrace.
What happened about putting your own people and country first?.
No more - enough is enough.


Thankfully, these are, so far, the people who have openly stated that they are fully supporting urgent action NOW against terrorism in the UK, unsustainable immigration and grooming gangs in the UK.  In fact, the word is spreading - all across Europe, people are wanting URGENT ACTION NOW against the immigration issues in the UK:
Adam Holloway
Alp Mehmet
Andreas Kohl
Andrew Neil - GB News
Andrew Norfolk - The Times Newspaper
Anne Marie Waters
Anthony Vander Elst
Ashlea Simon
Avi Yemeni
Belinda De Lucy - Political Commentator
Ben Habib - Reform UK political party
Brittany Pettibone - American journalist and YouTuber
Carole Malone - Journalist
Charles Walker - MP
Chris French
Dan McDevitt
Dan Wootton
David Atherton
David Bull - Talk TV
David Conyers - Ex-Forces
David Kurten
David Moreland
Donald Trump
Donald Trump Jr.
Dougie Brimson
Elizabeth Jones
Ezra Levant - Journalist
Gavin Felton
Geert Wilders
Gerrard Batten - MEP
Gintas Vilkelis
Glenn Swallow
Henry Bolton
Ian Collins - Talk TV
Isabel Oakeshott - MP
Ivon Sampson - Immigration solicitor
Jacob Rees-Mogg - MP
Janice Atkinson
Jared Taylor - (author of 'If we do nothing' and 'White identity')
Jayda Fransen
Jeff Balcombe - Ex-Forces
Jim Davidson - TV Celebrity
Jim Molan - Senator Australia
Jimmy the Hat
John Longworth
John Rees-Evans
Jonathan Arnott - MEP
Julia Hartley-Brewer - Talk TV
Katie Hopkins
Kelly Ward
Kevin Carroll
Lauren Southern - Activist and YouTuber
Laurence Fox - TV Celebrity
Lee Anderson - MP
Liam Tuff
Lisa Duffy
Lucy Allan - MP
Luke Cage
Luke Nash-Jones
Lutz Bachmann
Maajid Nawaz - LBC Radio
Malcolm Pearson
Margot Parker
Marine Le Pen
Mark Dolan - GB News
Martin Costello
Martin Daubney
Martin Sculpher
Martin Sellner - Austrian Activist
Melanie Shawe
Michelle Bachman
Mike Crawley - Ex-Forces
Mike Graham - Talk Radio presenter
Mike Hookem
Mufassil Islam - Ex Muslim Preacher
Nathan Gill - MEP
Neil Hamilton
Nick Ferrari - LBC Radio
Nigel Farage - GB News
Pat Condell - YouTuber
Patricia Ward
Patrick Christys - GB News
Patrick Minford CBE (Prof)
Paul Ember - Turning Point UK
Paul Golding
Paul Rimmer
Paul Weston
Peter Szijjarto - Hungarian Foreign Minister
Peter Whittle
Phil Campion
Piers Morgan
Raheem Kassam - (One of the many Muslims who supports Tommy Robinson)
Reece Coombes
Renaud Camus
Richard Inman
Richard Kemp CBE - Military Colonel
Richard Tice - Reform UK political party
Robert Jenrick - MP
Robert Oulds
Robin Simcox - UK Commissioner for counter terrorism
Roy Brinkley - Ex-Forces
Rupert Lowe - Reform UK political party Ryan Macpherson
Sean Gabb
Seb Fairweather
Shazia Hobbs
Simon Abie
Simon Bean MBE
Stacey Dooley
Steve Bannon
Steven Woolfe
Stuart Agnew - MEP
Timothy Burton
Timothy Scott
Tommy Robinson
Tony McIntyre
Trevor Coult

Please support this guy in every way you can, he is one of many who has the determination to actually do something about the immigration problems in the UK and Europe: Tommy Robinson

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Watch this: THE TRUTH about illegal immigration to the UK

Do you feel strongly about what is going on now in the UK?  Please take the time to read and fully understand what's on this page, then send it to every person you know via the link below, it is so very important.

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