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Dangerous dogs in the UK - Dangerous dogs in England

Dangerous dogs in the UK are a major problem - killing or injuring many innocent people. Something needs to be done to stop any more tragedies! The latest update on this page for dog attacks was on the 11th of July 2024.

Every so often, there's Dangerous dogs in the UK - Dangerous dogs in England - Rottweilersnews of someone, usually a small child, somewhere in the UK, who has had the misfortune to be in the wrong place at the wrong time and it's crazy that it's allowed to happen!  Dog bites are a major child-health problem in the United Kingdom, exceeding the total combined number of cases of measles, whooping cough and mumps in the UK each year. Dog attacks in the UK are also one of the most common causes of severe facial lacerations in children. Each year, approximately 28,000 facial dog bites are reported in the UK, with just over 19,000 of them requiring serious plastic surgery.  The problems with dangerous dogs in the UK are getting worse every year and serious attacks on young children by savage dogs are increasing all the time. This very serious rise in the amount of dog bites will hopefully convince government ministers to finally overhaul the Dangerous Dogs Act.

The purpose of this page is to let others know about the dangers of certain dogs and if this page saves just one childs life, it would be well worth the work involved.

The majority of these savage attacks on children are by "the family pets"!!   (Have you ever noticed how the owners of the relevant dangerous dog, invariably describes the dangerous dog as the "family pet"!)  You may also hear some people mistakenly call their dangerous dogs "nanny dogs" as well!!  At alarmingly regular intervals, dogs keep attacking people, in particular children, and quite often with fatal effects! Something should be done NOW to help stop more attacks on children by dogs, some of the most dangerous dogs in Britain are detailed below. 

For anyone wanting details of the dangerous dogs act, or a list of dangerous dogs in the UK, or a list of banned dogs in the UK, just read through this page, but please note, we're often asked, "what are the most dangerous dogs in the UK?" The answer to that is quite clear cut, by looking at the facts on this page, you'll see that Rottweilers and Bull Terriers feature quite a lot in dog attacks on children, so you will be able to draw your own conclusions!!

Anyone from any newspapers, television stations, radio stations, forums, message boards, Facebook, Twitter or any other similar media can always mention this dangerous dogs page, but please email us (to for where and when it will be appearing and also mention this exact website page address:
Even if this saves just one life, it will be totally worth it. 

3rd February 2024 - Grandmother Esther Martin 68, was KILLED by two XL bully dogs.

A GRAN who was mauled to death by two "XL Bullys" was trying to break up fighting puppies when she was attacked, her family have revealed. Esther Martin was visiting for the weekend to see her grandson, 11, when the vicious hounds snapped.

Dangerous dogs in the UK - Dangerous dogs in England - Esther Martin - XL bully dogs

She was mauled to death by two 'XL Bullies' in Hillman Avenue in Jaywick, Essex, near Clacton-on-sea.

The owner of the 2 XL bully dogs, Ashley Warren has been arrested.

The 68-year-old had been visiting the coastal village to see her grandson in a house believed to have had six XL Bully puppies and two adult bullies.

The two adult dogs are said to have launched their attack in the back room as her horrified grandson fled the property to raise the alarm.

In November 2023, dog breeder Warren posted an ad on social media offering XL Bully puppies for sale.

Michelle also said Ashley’s current girlfriend Jade told her the puppies had been fighting and Esther tried to break it up.

Esther's children Paul Martin, 45, Kelly Fretwell, 46, and Sonia Martin, 47, were left totally distraught!

Warren allegedly said "don’t tell me what to do with my own f***ing dogs" when new laws were being brought in for the breed, according to Sonia.

Meanwhile, Esthers son Paul said "She came to visit her grandson. The owner of the bullies decided to go out and leave mum with 6 XL bully puppies and two XL bully adults!!

"We believe they are all unregistered and uninsured."

Cops said the breeds will be confirmed later, but the family have claimed they were XL Bully dogs.

The attack comes just days after a ban on XL bully type dogs came into force.

Chief superintendent Glen Pavelin said: "My thoughts, and those of our officers and staff, are with the family of the woman who died yesterday.

"This incident will be a huge shock to the community and I understand their concerns.

8th November 2021 - 10 year old Jack Lis was KILLED by a six and half stone bulldog

It is known that the bulldog, lunged at several people just days before it killed Jack Lis.

In the days leading up to the lad's death, Cardiff Crown Court heard that there was four other incidents involving the bulldog - whose owner "knew" about its behaviour problems.

Dangerous dogs in the UK - Dangerous dogs in England - Jack Lis - Bulldog

In CCTV footage shown to the court, shopper Michael Ball was minding his own business when Beast "lunged" at him causing injuries to his arm, a judge was told that the dog leapt up at two women - frightening one so much it caused her to drop her belongings.

Speaking outside court, Jack's mum Emma spoke hauntingly of the impact it had had on the family's lives and called for legal changes to protect people from dangerous dogs, which she said owners kept as 'status symbols'.

The dog was owned by Brandon Hayden, 19, and was in the charge of Amy Salter, 29, whose house the dog was staying at. The pair pleaded guilty to being in charge of a dog dangerously out of control, causing injury resulting in Jack's death. Around 30 members of Jack's family sat in the public gallery to hear the sentencing.

Judge Michael Fitton QC said: "Sentencing, Judge Michael Fitton QC said: “For any child to lose their life at the age of 10 is bad enough but the circumstances we have heard and read and the pain expressed in intense terms the unbearable impact and harm it has done to those who knew and loved Jack.

“His death was an utterly tragic and needless event, it should never have happened!”

The court heard Hayden, of Penyrheol, Caerphilly, became the owner of the 100lb dog on November 3 2021 after answering an advert on social media offering it free to a good home, stating that it had issues with other dogs. Hayden asked Salter, of Trethomas, Caerphilly, if she could look after the dog for a short period.

In the days that followed, the dog was aggressive to people in the community, jumping up at and towards them and biting at least two people, Michael Ball and Sian Sullivan. Sian Sullivan was injured by the dog on November 7, the day before Jack was attacked.

Dangerous dogs in the UK - Dangerous dogs in England - Jack Lis - Bulldog

Hayden was seen on a number of occasions on November 4 struggling to control the dog as it lunges towards people walking to and from the shops, including nearby children. Salter can be seen to be present during some of the incidents, including while the dog is barking viciously and pulling towards a young girl, who looks fearful and retreats behind a car.

CCTV shows the dog outside the village shop Top Stores on Heol Aneurin, Caerphilly, barking at a girl. The next day, on November 5, Hayden can be seen on CCTV picking up the dog from his father’s house where it had attacked a neighbour’s dog. Prosecutors have said the events leading up to Jack’s death are “intertwined”.

On the day of the fatal attack, the dog was unrestrained when the bulldog attacked Jack Lis.

Prosecutor Gareth James QC said it was not necessary to disclose the full nature of Jack’s horrific injuries to the public in court to avoid “unnecessary distress to those already suffering".

Mr James said: “The dog jumped up and put his two paws on to Jacks shoulders, causing him to fall to the floor. That is when the dog was seen beginning to attack Jack."

His friend ran to a neighbour to get help but when the neighbour got to the house he could not open the door and could see the dog continuing to attack Jack.

17th February 2014 - 6 day old Eliza-Mae Mullane was KILLED by her pet dog
A six-day-old Dangerous dogs in the UK - Dangerous dogs in England - Eliza-Mae Mullane - Alaskan malamutebaby girl was savaged to death by a giant Alaskan malamute dog which her animal-loving father had bought home after a night at the pub, neighbours claimed.

Newborn Eliza-Mae Mullane had only just returned home from hospital after spending three days in intensive care after her birth.

She was airlifted to the University of Wales Hospital in Cardiff following the attack yesterday morning but medics were unable to save her.

A neighbour told how her frantic mother Sharon John, 42, came running to her house moments after discovering her daughter's body, screaming: "The dog ate the baby."

Police seized the pet dog, Nisha, after being called to the house in Pontyberem, Carmarthenshire.

10th February 2014 - 11 month old Ava-Jayne Marie Corless is KILLED by her pet dog
An 11-month-old baby girl was killed by a "pit bull terrier-type" dog while asleep upstairs in bed, police said.  Ava-Jayne Marie Corless was taken to hospital from Emily Street, Blackburn, at 23:00 GMT on Monday where she died.

 The baby's mother Chloe King, 20, and her boyfriend have been arrested on suspicion of manslaughter. They were downstairs when she was attacked. Dangerous dogs in the UK - Dangerous dogs in England - Ava-Jayne Marie Corless - Pit Bull

The pet, classed as a dangerous dog, has been destroyed. 

During a press conference, Ch Supt Chris Bithell said: "This is an absolutely horrific incident in which a baby girl has lost her life."  Police were first alerted by the ambulance service who were called to reports of the girl being mauled by a pet dog.

"As part of the investigation we are making inquiries to see whether there have been previous issues with this particular dog," he added.

Police forensic officers arrive at a house in Emily Street, Blackburn Forensic officers are examining the house in Emily Street, Blackburn, where 11-month-old Ava-Jayne Marie Corless was killed by the dog.

A Lancashire Police spokesman later confirmed that the dog was a "pit bull terrier-type dog prohibited under the Dangerous Dogs Act 1991".  The mother and boyfriend remain in custody, he added.

A neighbour, who did not want to be named, said: "She was a lovely little girl, always smiling, always happy, just like her mum. "It's sickened me to my stomach." Dangerous dogs in the UK - Dangerous dogs in England - Lexi Branson - Bulldog

5th November 2013 - 4 year old Lexi Branson is KILLED by her pet dog
Jodi Hudson stabbed the Aylestone bulldog to death in a vain bid to stop it killing her four-year-old daughter - who was off sick from school. Tragic Lexi Branson's mum told how she desperately tried to save her daughter's life as she was savaged by their pet dog.

She also paid tribute to Lexi, who was off sick from school when attacked. Jodi said "I tried everything in my power to save you baby. Love you always and forever baby girl, from your devastated mummy. xxxxx."

The 30-year-old also praised friends for their support since last week's attack.

Jodi added: "Thank you for all your kind words. She is a little angel and will not be forgotten. My beautiful gorgeous sweetheart. R.I.P Lexi Lou."

Lexi was mauled at home in Mountsorrel, Leics, by the rescue dog, called Mulan. Police are looking into the attack although it is not a criminal inquiry.

27th May 2013 - 79 year old Clifford Clarke KILLED by a neighbours pet dog
Officers raced to the scene and found the 79-year-old's body alongside a dog that was out of control.

A pensioner opened his back door to air the kitchen as he cooked a lamb joint - and was savaged to death by his next door's dog.

Retired 79-year-old hospital porter Clifford Clarke screamed in terror as the out-of-control beast tore into him.

One neighbour, who did not wish to be named, was reading in her bedroom and heard "loud screams".

She said: "I heard barking, at first I thought it was dogs having a fight but then I heard the sounds of a man screaming he was obviously in pain. It was horrific." Dangerous dogs in the UK - Dangerous dogs in England - Clifford Clarke - killed by a neighbours dog

Neighbours came running when they heard Mr Clarke's cries and one tried to tackle the crazed dog with a golf club.

They said the poor man was left in an appalling state and covered in blood.

When police arrived in Clubmoor, Liverpool, they waited for armed colleagues, who shot the dog dead.

Merseyside Police Clifford Clarke (top) with brother Kenny Clarke

Mr Clarke, a popular man in the community, had celebrated his birthday the day before and complained about two dogs to friends. He vowed to report the animals to police because he feared they were a danger to children.

Friend Susan Carson, said it was a "big dog" but was unsure of the breed.

She said: "people used to moan about it barking in the back."

Mrs Carson said Mr Clarke, who she had known for 25 years, was "a nice bubbly man", who "got on with everyone".

She added: "He's lived in that house all his life and told us that he had been born there. It is awful for him to die in such a senseless way right in his own garden.

"I spoke to him on my mobile phone just minutes before it happened. He rang me to say he was up and about and was cooking his dinner.

"He said it was hot in the kitchen with the oven and the sunshine and that he'd opened back door to let the steam out.

"I can only think the dog might have gone for him because it sniffed the dinner cooking. He had been complaining to me about the dogs only the day before and said he was going to make a report to the police about the nuisance."

Mr Clarke had said a dog had damaged the six foot high fence in the back garden of his three-bedroom terrace home.

Mrs Carson added: "He was annoyed about them barking all hours of the day and night. The house was left empty, with the dogs roaming the garden.

"He said they could attack somebody and was worried that the biggest dog had been trying to escape and made a hole in the fence that it could get through.

"Typical of Cliff, he was not so much concerned for himself as for the young children in the garden behind his."

Mrs Carson added: "The police arrived but would not go in the garden. Later the armed police came and we heard two shots.

"Cliff was in a terrible state when they brought him out, he was a bloody mess. This is a terrible tragedy. He was a lovely, kind caring gentleman who made a lot of time for people in the community.

"He was very thoughtful and well-liked by everybody in the street. We'll never get over this."

26th March 2013 - 14 year old Jade Anderson KILLED by a friends dogs
The moment a policeman found a girl who had been mauled to death by four dogs was the most distressing sight of his life, a court has heard.

Jade Anderson, 14, died on 26 March at the house in Atherton, near Wigan.

Magistrates heard PC Martin Burkinshaw would "never forget" encountering a bull mastiff-type dog covered in blood.

Dangerous dogs in the UK - Dangerous dogs in England - Jade Anderson - killed by friends dogs Speaking after the sentencing of dog owner Beverley Concannon, Jade's family said they were "disgusted" she had walked free with a suspended sentence.
'Should be held responsible'

At Wigan Magistrates Court, 45-year-old Concannon was given a 16-week suspended jail term after admitting causing suffering to the four animals.

I will never forget what I saw"

Jade had been at Concannon's house in Chaucer Grove visiting a teenage friend.

The judge said Concannon, who was out of the house when Jade was attacked, should have been aware of her dogs' aggression.

In September, the Crown Prosecution Service ruled there was "insufficient evidence" to bring a charge of manslaughter by gross negligence against Concannon.

It was also not possible to bring charges under the Dangerous Dogs Act because her animals were not banned breeds and were not out of control in a public place.

Michael Anderson: "If you're an irresponsible owner... you should be held responsible"

Jade's mother and stepfather have campaigned for the government to tighten the laws around dangerous animal ownership.

They want dog owners who fail to stop their pet attacking someone to be liable to prosecution.

Speaking after Concannon's sentencing, Jade's stepfather Michael Anderson said: "I'm devastated and disgusted in the justice system.

"Today was just about dangerous dogs. I think she should be held responsible for Jade.

"We have got a life sentence. It has absolutely ripped us apart."

During the sentencing hearing, Paul Taylor, prosecuting, read a statement from PC Burkinshaw about how the officer found Jade's body in the kitchen and all four dogs at the back door trying to get in.

The statement said: "The sound of the dogs in the backyard was horrific.

"I will never forget what I saw. There was a large white bull mastiff-type dog.

"Its head and mouth were covered in fresh blood and it was bounding in the back yard."

The hearing was told how one dog, Buddy, an American bulldog, was "stir crazy".

It was kept in a cage as punishment and was not walked or trained, the court was told.

The dogs were put down after the attack on Jade.

District Judge Mark Hadfield told Concannon her treatment of the dogs had contributed to their state.

He ordered her to pay costs and a victim surcharge totalling £165 and banned her from keeping dogs indefinitely.

9th November 2011 - 2 year old Jack Ayton is savaged by the pet dog
A toddler is scarred for life after being savaged by an Alsatian cross.  Jack Ayton, aged two, needed 20 stitches to his face after the Alsatian cross bit his nose, lips, cheek and eyebrows.

Dangerous dogs in the UK - Dangerous dogs in England - Alsatians - Jack Ayton

Jack needed emergency surgery and doctors said he was lucky not to be blinded in his right eye. The terrifying mauling happened when childminder Laura Tonks, 23, took the youngster to visit a relative who owns the pet.

Ofsted-registered Miss Tonks took Jack to the home - thought to be her aunt's - after collecting him from his playgroup in Gloucester.

Jack's mum Aimee, 21, said: "I had a phone call from the child minder to say, 'I'm so sorry, we're in A&E. Jack's been attacked by a dog. You have to come up.'

"I was in total shock, I phoned my dad and we rushed up there to see what had happened. I expected the worst, but it was more awful than even that.

"He was in surgery for 90 minutes - it was horrific. He was lucky not to have been blinded in his right eye." "Jack had to have about eight stitches in his eyebrow, another six on the left side of his lip and more inside his mouth. "He was in a terrible state."

Aimee, a part-time support worker, now wants the dog to be put down to avoid further attacks. But police have said there is nothing they can do because the attack happened on private property. Aimee added: "We want the dog put down before it attacks anyone else, it's obviously dangerous. "We want people to know what happened to us - Jack's devastated. "He will be left with scars for the rest of his life, certainly. We don't know why Jack was taken to a house with dogs in - it was done without our knowledge."

Dangerous dogs in the UK - Dangerous dogs in England - Alsatians - Jack Ayton

Meanwhile, Miss Tonks - who is a mum of two - faces being interviewed by Ofsted and could lose her status as a registered childminder.

"It's a really unfortunate thing to have happened. I would not become a registered childminder to purposely have a dog attack a child. "I have two children - they are my life. I will probably be shut down now because of this.

"The family are not thinking what I am going through over this. I was the one who saw the attack and had to take Jack to hospital.

A spokesman for Gloucestershire police said: "Our thoughts are with the child and his family at this time.  "It just goes to show that dogs and children don't necessarily mix.  "Unfortunately, there's no criminal legislation that covers this type of incident on private land where the dog lives.

"We will be speaking to the parents to offer advice on possible civil action that can taken and to those who were responsible for the dog, to warn them of the dangers."

25th December 2010 - 11 year old Finn O'Mahoney is savaged by the pet dog
A boy of 11 was savaged by a dog just five days after his father had taken the stray in off the street. Finn O'Mahoney's cheek was ripped open by the five-stone Chinese Shar-Pei dog, which attacked him while he was watching television on Christmas Day.

Dangerous dogs in the UK - Dangerous dogs in England - Shar-peis - Finn O'Mahoney

The terrified boy was only spared worse injury when his dad wrestled the dog to the floor. Scarred-for-life Finn O'Mahoney recovered in hospital from the dog attack. The five-stone Chinese Shar-Pei mauled him as he watched TV at home on Christmas Day Finn is now recovering in hospital after hours of surgery and 18 stitches, while the dog was put down.

Dangerous dogs in the UK - Dangerous dogs in England - Shar-peis - Finn O'Mahoney

As the family were watching the television, the dog just 'launched itself through the air' with no warning to attack Finn. Michael, 42, said: 'No one had shouted or made any sudden movements to frighten the dog - it just launched itself through the air without any warning at all and clamped itself straight onto Finn's face.

'The dog just went berserk for no reason. I've never seen such ferocity from an animal. 'I tried punching it to stop it but it kept snarling and biting, it was vicious. My wife just ran into the next room, she was terrified and there was a lot of blood. 'We'd even been playing with the dog all day until then.

'I dread to think what could have happened if I hadn't been there as it could have been much worse.' Finn sustained puncture wounds to his mouth and throat, as well as a two-inch gash from his eye to his nose. He needed two and a half hours of surgery to repair his face which had been 'hanging off' after the attack, and has been told by doctors he will probably need need cosmetic surgery in later life.

23rd December 2010 - 52 year old Barbara Williams KILLED by a Belgian Mastiff
A man has been arrested on suspicion of manslaughter after a dog killed a woman in a house in Sutton, South London.

The victim, Barbara Williams, was mauled in a property in Wallington, Surrey by a dog, a Belgian Mastiff. 

Dangerous dogs in the UK - Dangerous dogs in England - Belgian Mastiffs - Barbara Williams

Police called to the house in Wallington, Sutton, on Thursday, found Barbara Williams grappling with the dog - described as a "very ferocious" large dog. The Belgian Mastiff weighed 8 stone! Marksmen shot the dog dead with four bullets after officers used riot shields to back it into a corner. Barbara Williams was pronounced dead at the scene.

1st September 2010 - 10 year old girl mauled by another Japanese Akita
A traumatised schoolgirl mauled by a fighting dog has been left too scared to look in the mirror - after the snarling Japanese Akita ripped open her face in a savage attack by this dangerous dog.

Dangerous dogs in the UK - Dangerous dogs in England - Japanese Akitas - Toni Clannachan

Little Toni Clannachan was pinned to the ground by the vicious Japanese Akita before the brutal animal shook her in its powerful jaws.

The ten-year-old was rushed to hospital where she is now recovering from her terrifying ordeal.

But last night her dad James Dixon told how nurses caring for her have had to cover up all the mirrors on the ward - because the youngster is still too scared to see the effects of the horror attack.

Devastated James, 40, said: "She doesn't want to see her face. She is frightened to go to the toilet in case she sees a mirror. The nurses have covered them up for her.

"She loves animals, she has a terrier of her own. But she's been asking if the dog has been put down - she is that frightened."

The horror is the second sickening dog attack in a week after ten-year-old Rhianna Kidd was savaged by Rottweiler dogs in Dundee.

Dangerous dogs in the UK - Dangerous dogs in England - Japanese Akitas - Toni Clannachan

James told how he had found Toni at the home of the Akita's owner, Gaynor McCabe, with her 11-year-old son Gabriel and another boy before the horror happened on Tuesday.

He said: "The dog was just sitting out the back at the bottom of the garden and the kids were playing quite happily with two ferrets that Gaynor keeps.

"Toni was going to stay for dinner, so I said I was going home to tell her mum where she was."

But moments after James left the house in Kilmarnock, Gabriel's friend raced after him and told him the powerful beast - named Kruger - had turned on Toni.

And the dad was horrified when he saw her devastating injuries.

James said: "I'd only got about a hundred yards when the other boy came running after me to tell me the dog had bitten Toni.

"I ran back expecting her to have a bite on the arm. But I walked into the front room and she had a tea towel over her mouth, a five-inch hole in her cheek and her bottom lip was hanging off - you could see her teeth.

"There wasn't as much blood as you'd think, just a great big hole. It was really shocking."

Gaynor's mother called an ambulance and Toni was rushed to Crosshouse Hospital. James travelled with his daughter, while an another neighbour told the youngster's mum Carol Clannachan, 39, what had happened.

Toni needed four hours of emergency surgery and around 150 stitches.

She spent a night in intensive case before being moved to the children's ward, where her condition was described as stable. Her parents, who also have 19-year-old daughter Kayleigh, kept a vigil at her bedside.

And James revealed brave Toni has been able to describe the attack to police.

He said: "She told me she came to the side of the house to say cheerio to me and as she turned the dog just jumped up and grabbed her by the face.

"She said it pinned her to the floor and shook her about.

"I believe the boy who lives over the fence jumped over and pulled the dog off her. He rescued her and could well have saved her life. I can't thank the lad enough."

Japanese Akitas - originally from Japan - were used to hunt wild animals including BEARS and are fierce fighters. James said he and Carol had read about the previous attack on little Rhianna and called for more to be done about the growing menace of these devil dogs.

He said: "We saw the story about the girl in Dundee, but you never imagine that it is going to be your child.

"An inch lower and it would have ripped her throat out. We are devastated about what has happened but glad it wasn't worse.

"Dogs like that shouldn't be in the house. They aren't bred as pets. It is called a fighting dog. They are killing machines."

Neighbours in the area said owner Gaynor, 41, ran a dog grooming business but had been warned before about her animal's behaviour.

One local, who helped drag the dog off Toni, said: "She could have been killed."

21st August 2010 - Girl, 8, requires 175 stitches in her face after being mauled in another horrific dog attack by a Japanese Akita
An eight-year-old girl needed 175 stitches in her face and head after she was mauled by a dog having been told by its owners it was safe for her to stroke.

Sky Barker was playing in Rastrick, West Yorkshire, last Thursday evening when she asked the owner of a fearsome Japanese Akita if she could pet the animal.

Dangerous dogs in the UK - Dangerous dogs in England - Japanese Akitas - Sky Barker

However horror struck when the dog - which was tied to a wall - leapt forward and grabbed her head in its mouth as she approached.

Sky Barker, 8, needed 175 stitches in her face and head after being mauled by a Japanese Akita dog, whose owners told her it was safe to stroke (many owners of dangerous dogs say this!!)

Dangerous dogs in the UK - Dangerous dogs in England - Japanese Akitas - Sky Barker

Her father Brian Hackett, 33, told how Sky survived the horrific attack as she was able to roll out of the reach of the tethered dog and the emergency services were called.

The eight-year-old was rushed to hospital for a four-hour operation and received 60 stitches to the back of her head, 85 in her face and 30 inside her cheek, which could leave her scarred for life.

Mr Hackett was on his way home from his work as a joiner when he received a call from Sky's mother Amber Barker, 30, who he is separated from, telling him their daughter was in hospital.

He said: 'She is lucky to be alive. She was playing in a communal area opposite where she lives with her mum when it happened.

'Apparently the owners had only had the dog a couple of days so why would you let it be around children like that when you don't know if you can trust it?

'The first thing I knew about it was when her mum called me and told me what had happened, she heard Sky screaming and came running out. I rushed to the hospital and I was just horrified for her.

'I am so annoyed by what has happened, and not just because of Sky but I want to make sure that this dog doesn't attack anyone else now because next time they might not survive.'

Doctors have warned that it could be 1 to 2 years before Sky regains feeling and movement in her face.

Mr Hackett, who lives with wife Karen, 38, stepchildren Jordan, 17, and Phoebe, 13, and Sky's big brother Josh, 11, in Brighouse, West Yorkshire, added: 'We are trying to make her use the muscles in her face by making her smile as much as possible, and she is just managing to smile on one side of her face now.
The dog was tied to a wall but leapt forward and grabbed Sky's head in its mouth as she approached

'Sky is going to have to go through a lot of pain in the future because of this attack, and I just don't want something like this to happen to someone else.

'Since the attack I have seen the dog out on a lead with the owners and I want to make people aware that it is still in the area.'

Sky, who has been described by her father as "bubbly", has a soft spot for animals and, touchingly, Mr Hackett revealed that even after she was savaged by the large pet she didn't want it to be put to sleep.

He said: 'Sky would pick up and care for absolutely any animal, from a dog down to a spider or an ant and look after it - that is just her way.

'Since the attack she has been a bit wary of other dogs but she is alright with our three dogs because she knows she can trust them.

'It says everything about her that even after the attack she said she didn't even want the Akita put down. She said she wants it to go away and doesn't ever want to see it again but she doesn't want it to die.'

Japanese Akitas are considered to be one of the most dangerous dogs in Britain, with numerous reported attacks which have usually resulted in the victims needing stitches and surgery.

11th August 2010 - Girl, 7, savaged by another Staffordshire Bull Terrier
A seven-year-old girl suffered horrific injuries to her eye after being savagely attacked by a dog. The Staffordshire Bull Terrier bit into Maleeka Smyth's head then dragged her around like a doll.

Dangerous dogs in the UK - Dangerous dogs in England - Staffordshire Bull Terriers - Maleeka Smyth

Her right eyelid was ripped and surgeons had to insert a tiny tube into her eye to rejoin the tear duct in a five-hour operation. Her mother Vicki Smyth, 32, said the dog's attack also grazed Maleeka's eyeball and shredded a muscle which allows her to look upwards.

She said doctors are confident that her sight has been saved but she will face months of tests to assess the full damage.

Vicki said: "She could have been killed. She told me what happened and said the Staffy just jumped up at her and bit her. She was absolutely terrified.

"It first barked at her then jumped up at her and knocked her over. Apparently it grabbed her by the head and dragged her around like a doll, shaking her by her head.

"She still has a bit of double vision. The doctors said she should be able to get her full sight back but she will be scarred.

"She is having tests when the swelling goes down but a millimetre over and it could have been her whole eye."

Maleeka, a pupil at St Williams Primary School in Bolton, was playing with friends near her home on Calvert Road in Great Lever, Bolton.

It is understood that the dog, a fully grown Staffordshire Bull terrier, which police said is now likely to be put down, escaped from a nearby back garden before it attacked.  Vicki added: "A boy she was with managed to get the dog off her. I think that he kicked it and shouted at it to distract it. Without his help it could have been a lot worse. If he had not have been there I would not like to say what would have happened."

Maleeka ran home and Vicki wrapped her eye in a towel before calling police and paramedics. She was rushed to the Royal Bolton Hospital.

Vicki said: "Her injuries were terrible. She ran upstairs and was covering her eye. There was blood everywhere. She suffered a three inch-long bite wound to the side of her head and puncture wounds.

"It had ripped her eyelid and grazed her eyeball. It just did not really sink in what had happened until we were at hospital."

"She is really, really scared now and quite clingy. We are all just hoping that she recovers."

A spokesman said: "Officers attended and found the girl had sustained a cut and puncture wounds to the back of her head and a torn right eyelid. The owner of the dog, a Staffordshire Bull Terrier type, has been made aware and has indicated they support having the dog put to sleep."

26th February 2010 - A five-year-old boy left permanently scarred after he was 'scalped' by another Rottweiler dog.
Rhys Webb, who will never be able to grow hair on parts of his head again, needed 87 stitches after the random attack.

Dangerous dogs in the UK - Dangerous dogs in England - Rottweilers - Rhys Webb

But the owner of the dog escaped prosecution because the animal wasn't in his care at the time.

Five-year-old Rhys Webb has been left permanently scarred after he was 'scalped' by the Rottweiler dog.

Rhys was playing with his two brothers in a communal garden in Rainham, Essex, when the Rottweiler charged around a corner, sank his teeth into the boy's head and shook his head from side to side.

His father Andrew Webb, 28, said: 'The dog made a beeline for Rhys, totally unprovoked.

'The Rottweiler sunk his teeth into the boys head, and Rhys tried to get up and run, but the dog got his head like a football.

'The skin had been dragged down from the back over the front. 'He was just ripping the skin back from his head. He was pretty much scalped. I ran down, launched myself at the dog and punched it until it let go.

'I had to stem the blood with towels. It was a horrible thing to see. If the dog had gone for one of the younger children they would have died.'

Rhys's father Andrew Webb punched the dog that attacked his son until it let go.

One police officer described the dog attack as totally gruesome, the dog had taken off the scalp from the boy's head from ear to ear in the attack.

The Rottweiler that attacked Rhys was ruled to be 'dangerously out of control'

'The dog is clearly dangerous. It simply refused to let go of that poor boy's skull and he was scalped'.

25th February 2010 - Grandmother has 100 stitches after being savaged by a Staffordshire bull terrier
A 90-year-old lady was badly scarred after she was mauled by a dog.

Dangerous dogs in the UK - Dangerous dogs in England - Staffordshire Bull Terriers - Margaret White

Margaret White, of Sidcup, almost lost an ear and had to have more than 100 stitches. She was visiting a sick friend, Susan Molden, in Chislehurst, when she was savaged by the Staffordshire bull terrier last Friday.

Mrs White said that when she knocked on the door, Mrs Molden's young granddaughter answered it and the dog came charging out and attacked her. Help did not come until several minutes later when the child's mother, who had been in the shower, pulled the dog away.

Speaking from hospital, where she was being treated for face and neck injuries, Mrs White said: "It was terrifying. I was thinking how long is it going to be before they come out and get him off or am I just going to die here?' I curled up in a ball and covered my head so he couldn't get me, but he got through. If he'd got any further down my neck I would've been finished."

6th January 2010 - Man bit in face by Pit Bull Terrier while trying to rescue his dog
Police in London are hoping that releasing a shocking picture of a man's face after a dog bite will trigger someone's conscience. The man was attacked while walking his own dog.

Police have released a shocking picture of a man's injuries from a pit bull terrier in the hope that someone will come Dangerous dogs in the UK - Pit Bull Terriersforward with information about the dog's owner who fled from the scene of attack. The partial facial picture shows some of the 60 stitches the man needed to close wounds after he was attacked while walking his dog in South Harrow on New Year's Day.

"The 58-year-old male was walking his Jack Russell dog on Station Parade, Northolt Road, South Harrow when his dog was attacked by the pit bull type dog" Metropolitan police said in a statement.
 "The man attempted to rescue his dog from the attack and in the process was bitten by the pit bull, receiving serious facial injuries to his cheek and lips, "police said.

"The pit bull type dog's owner then ran off from the scene in the direction of South Harrow underground station with his dog," police said.

The Jack Russell was seriously injured in the attack and required extensive veterinary treatment, a statement said.

"This was a horrific attack which left the victim with serious facial injuries that required 60 stitches and will probably require ongoing medical treatment.  The victim of this dog attack will now have very obvious scars on his face for the rest of his life, surely this can't be allowed to continue like this??!!  We are extremely keen to speak to the owner of the pit bull or anyone with any information about the incident," said Detective-Constable Will Ridler from Harrow CID.

7th December 2009 - postmen back the campaign to outlaw dangerous dogs
Around 6,000 postal workers are bitten or attacked each year while on their rounds.

Dangerous dogs in the UK - Dangerous dogs in England - Rottweilers

Communication Workers Union general secretary Billy Hayes agreed that the Dangerous Dogs Act should be extended to cover all breeds that savage humans.

He said: "Six thousand postal workers are attacked by dogs each year, but bringing the owners to justice is almost impossible.

"We've had postal workers lose fingers and/or suffer severe trauma as a result of dog attacks, all for just doing their job!!

"The dangerous dogs act doesn't apply on private property and has been ineffective in preventing or reducing attacks on delivery workers. In fact, the number is increasing.

Dangerous dogs in the UK - Dangerous dogs in England - Rottweilers

"It's not just postal workers at risk. Anyone who goes onto private property, such as meter readers, phone engineers and health workers could be in danger.

The Daily Mirror is demanding a review of the Dangerous Dogs Act in the wake of the death of John-Paul Massey in Liverpool. He was the fifth child to be killed by these dangerous dogs in three years.

More than 20 MPs, Gordon Brown, London Mayor Boris Johnson and the RSPCA are all backing our campaign, with The Dogs Trust, the Kennel Club and the Blue Cross all agreeing to the Dangerous Dogs Act.

The PM promised owners of dangerous dogs will face the "full force" of the law.

30th November 2009 - a 4 year old child KILLED by another Pitbull Terrier
4 year old John-Paul Massey, was killed by yet another dangerous dog, a Pitbull Terrier. John-Paul Massey died of horrific injuries after he was shaken like a 'rag doll' by the Dangerous dogs in the UK - John-Paul Masseyanimal.

Police shot the dog dead but it later emerged it was a type of pit bull terrier - a breed banned under the Dangerous Dogs Act 1991.

John-Paul's uncle, Christian Foulkes, 21, was arrested on suspicion of breeding dangerous dogs and later released on bail.

The attack happened shortly after midnight on the 30th of November 2009, when the boy was being babysat by his grandmother.  Helen Foulkes, 63, had been babysitting John-Paul and his 13-year-old brother Craig while his mother, Angela McGlynn, 39, was out for the night.

The dog grabbed John-Paul by the head and shook him viciously, causing horrendous injuries to his head and neck.

Mrs Foulkes tried to prise her grandson from the dog's jaws but was herself injured by the animal.

By the time paramedics arrived at the house in Wavertree, Liverpool, the boy could not be saved.

It later emerged that in February, a housing officer had raised concerns that the house was being used to breed dogs, and called the police, but no further action was taken.

* The dangerous dogs act, outlawing dangerous dogs, was made an act of parliament in 1991 . . . . so, why are these dangerous dogs still killing our children????

4th November 2009 - dog attack girl has 17 stitches
Another child, 8 year old Courtney Charlesworth was attacked by another Staffordshire Bull Terrier.

An eight-year-old girl has had 17 stitches in her face after being mauled by theDangerous dogs in the UK - Courtney Charlesworth - Staffordshire Bull Terriers family dog.

Courtney said she was "very frightened" during the attack. Courtney Charlesworth (pictured to the right), was stroking the 'family' pet at her home in East End Park, Leeds, when the dog suddenly turned on her.

Her mother said she was "very lucky" not to have been blinded as one bite narrowly missed the schoolgirl's eye.

The schoolgirl's father, Christopher Charlesworth, said the staffie got on well with his three daughters and there had been "no indication" that it would attack!!

He told BBC News: "It's just heart-wrenching. If it's going to bite anybody you want it to be yourself, not your kids.

Courtney said she was "very frightened" during the attack. She said: "I was just stroking the staffie (pictured below), and he just went for me.

Dangerous dogs in the UK - Staffordshire Bull Terriers, also known as Staffies and a Staffy

Courtney's mother Julie said, "I'd left the staffie with the children loads of times by themselves, and he was fine with them.

Courtney's parents warn other families to be very careful when choosing a dog.

"I just heard the dog barking and growling so I rushed downstairs and by the time I'd got downstairs Courtney was at the bottom of the stairs covered in blood.  "She was screaming... she was terrified, she didn't know what had happened to her.

"If I thought for one minute, that the staffy would have hurt them I would never have left the kids with the staffy in the first place."

Courtneys father stated something very important, and bearing in mind that his comments come from an owner of a Staffordshire Bull Terrier, he says "for anybody out there who's thinking of getting a Staffordshire Bull Terrier, please don't!!"

16th October 2009 - Boy, 2, critical after mauling by pet dogs
Two Staffordshire bull terriers mauled Jay Lund, a boy of two years old.

A man and a woman have been arrested for allegedly cultivating cannabis at the house where a toddler was mauled by two dogs. The two-year-old was attacked by the two Staffordshire bull terriers.

Last night a police spokesman said: "Specially trained officers are speaking to the family of the boy, and a detailed examination of the scene and inquiries in relation to the incident are ongoing."

A friend who lives near where the attack took place, said: "Thoughts still with little boy and family of dog attack".

The mauling happened on Thursday afternoon at what is believed to be the house of the dog owner, known locally as Neil Finnerty, on Fairfax Avenue in Drighlington, near Leeds.

Ms Lund and her son were visiting Mr Finnerty when the two dogs attacked the two-year-old.

Ms Lund was injured as she attempted to pull the dogs off her son, although her wounds were not life-threatening.

Eye-witnesses said the boy looked "really bad" as paramedics took him from the house to Leeds General Infirmary, in a life-threatening condition.

Doctors performed emergency treatment on the little boy and he recovered, after a time in hospital, after being in a critical condition.

"I saw the man (Mr Finnerty) as well and he was just in tears."

Donna Sayce, education officer with Dogs Trust Leeds, the largest Dog Welfare Charity in the UK, said: "Unfortunately we are seeing more and more dog bite incidents involving children from dogs like these."

Earlier in the year, police were involved in investigating allegations of organised dog fighting in the same street and that investigation was re-examined as a matter of routine.

12th August 2009 - Mother stabs her own pet dog to save husband's life
Dad mauled by his own dog, the "family pet!!", another staffordshire bull terrier!!

A mother of four stabbed her crazed pet dog after it mauled her husband in an unprovoked attack.  Mary Weir was terrified when the Staffordshire terrier, (for reference purposes, a staffordshire bull terrier is pictured below), attacked her husband Andrew in front of her and their 18-month-old baby.  (You may also hear some people call staffordshire bull terriers, "staffies", staffys" or "Nanny dogs"!!)

Dangerous dogs in the UK - Staffordshire Bull Terriers, also known as Staffies and a Staffy

Andrew, who suffered horrific injuries when the Staffy began ripping him to pieces in a frenzied attack, said "I was worried that the dog would go for my throat. If that had have happened, I would have been dead within a few seconds."

Andrew Weir, 33, had to go through two major operations after the snarling Staffordshire Terrier turned on him in his home and tore chunks of flesh from his arms and legs.

The bloodthirsty pet, also jumped up and sank its teeth into Andrew's face, missing his left eye by a fraction of an inch.

The dog only released its vice-like grip on Andrew when his brave wife Mary grabbed a knife from the kitchen and repeatedly stabbed the dog.  Mary said, "I kept kicking the dog, but it was having no effect whatsoever, the Staffy just seemed to be obsessed with causing very serious injuries to Andrew".

Andrew suffered more than 30 deep bite marks when the Staffordshire Bull Terrier went berserk at their family home in Paisley, Renfrewshire, Scotland.

Andrew said, "It all happened so suddenly, we were just relaxing in the evening, watching television after a meal, then the dog started growling at me and, the next second, the dog bit into my arm. Then it jumped up at my face and bit me just below the eye.

"No matter what I did, the dog wouldn't let go. The pain was terrible and there was so much blood everywhere."

During the next 15 terrifying minutes, Mary kept kicking the dog but the dog was totally ignoring the kicks, while the dog clamped its jaws around Andrews arm and dragged Andrew into the hallway, the bathroom and then onto the street outside.

Mary said: "I was so scared. but I knew I had to do something and quickly. There was blood all over the place. By this time, Andrew had lost so much blood that his strength was fading.

As he lay on the floor, covered in blood and with the dog's jaws locked around his arm, he screamed at Mary for help.

She handed him a knife a knife from the kitchen, but his desperate attempts to stab the ferocious dog failed because the blade was blunt.

Mary then ran panic-stricken into the kitchen again and armed herself with a knife with a sharper blade and plunged it into the dogs body at least five times before it finally loosened its grip.

He added: "When Mary gave me the blunt knife, I kept trying to stab the dog but the blade wasn't cutting into the dog. I was also kicking the dog, but he just ignored the kicks.".

"It was only after Mary grabbed a sharper knife and stabbed the dog with it, that the dog eventually let go of me."

Quick-thinking Mary then alerted the emergency services and then wrapped towels round her husband's wounds to try to stop the bleeding.

Andrew was taken to the town's Royal Alexandra Hospital, where surgeons stitched up wounds on his hands, arms, legs and face.

One of the bites to his right forearm was so deep that it went right through the bone and he may need to have skin grafting surgery.

Mary said that she at first tried kicking the dog, but was left with no option but to stab the animal with a kitchen knife when her attempts to loosen its grip on her husband's arm failed. "The dog was going to kill Andrew, it wouldn't let go," she said. "He had wounds all over his body and there was blood everywhere. "I had to do something. I thought he was going to die before my eyes."

Mr Weir, was left with deep wounds to his face, hands, arms and legs after the 15-minute attack.

Mrs Weir, 27, said: "There was blood all over the place. It was chaotic and I was scared. Kicking the dog wasn't doing any good."

Mary said "I had no option but to stab the dog. It could have killed Andrew. He had lost so much blood."

She added: "I had Jamie in my arms when the attack started, but I put him in another room for safety."

But the crazed animal locked its powerful jaws around Andrew's arm in front of her and their son Jamie.

After stabbing the dog, she managed to get her husband to safety and wrapped his arms and legs in towels to try to stop the flow of blood from his many wounds.

During the terrifying 15-minute ordeal, Andrew Weir had suffered deep wounds to his hands, arms and legs. Mrs Weir said she was in a state of shock after the horrific attack.

She said: "I was terrified, Andrew asked me to go and get the knife, but I hesitated because it was our family pet.  "But it was the dog or my husband so I did not have much choice."

Later, a police dog handler used a telescopic pole with a wire noose attached to it to catch the dog, which was taken to the police headquarters in Mill Street, Paisley, and given a lethal injection by a vet.

Andrew is now recovering on powerful drugs and faces painful skin graft surgery.

His younger brother Steven added: "The whole family are in shock at what has happened. Andrew and Mary are still trying to come to terms with the whole ordeal. "It was a completely unprovoked attack and totally out of the blue. Andrew did his best to stop the dog from hurting anyone but himself, and he has been very brave." He added: "Doctors have told us more surgery will be needed. We are all very worried about him."

Mrs Weir added: "We've had the Staffordshire Bull terrier since 2007, when it was a six-week-old puppy, the Staffy has also attended regular training sessions and it's never caused any trouble. It just goes to show, some people think Staffies are 'safe' dogs, but you can never be sure!!!  If this Staffordshire Bull Terrier can cause so much serious injury to a grown man, it's no wonder that these Staffs kill children".

19th May 2009 - A toddler has been scarred for life after being attacked by a dog in his own front garden
Five-year-old Andrew Osborne, pictured below, was playing with his twin brother Matthew and his older brother Jamie, eight, when the dog jumped into their own garden and mauled the youngster.

Dangerous dogs in the UK - Andrew Osborne

Devastated dad Craig, 37, demanded that the dog be put down and has revealed the young child will be scarred for life following the sickening attack in Easthouses, Dalkeith, Midlothian.

Surgeons were forced to insert 34 stitches in the little lad's face as they tried to repair the damage. Dangerous dogs in the UK - Andrew Osborne

Andrew was kept in hospital for four days where surgeons performed two face-saving operations, with a third operation on Andrew carried out the following week.

Andrew underwent emergency facial surgery for the deep cuts to his cheek at Edinburgh's Sick Kids Hospital and will have to endure another operation to repair the damage to the side of his face. 

Andrew Osbornes mum and dad, Barbara and Craig Osborne, spent the whole of the night clutching their son's hand as he tried to recover from his plastic surgery ordeal.

Craig Osborne, said: "Jamie, my eldest son, went running into the house to tell my wife and when she came out she found Andrew covered in blood and screaming his head off.  She called for the ambulance and he was rushed to the nearest hospital for emergency treatment.

"He will now be scarred for life because the dog bites to his face have left very deep cuts in his cheek, the dog bit straight through Andrews cheek, from the outside of his cheek, straight through to the inside, catching part of Andrews tongue as well."  He said: "This shouldn't be allowed to happen again, it's about time that something is done to stop this happening to any more children!!!"

1st May 2009 - Man mauled to death by Alsatians
A young man was savaged to death by Alsatians (German Shepherd Dogs), whose owner Dangerous dogs in the UK - Andrew Walkerhad been allowed to raise them despite a previous conviction under the Dangerous Dogs Act!!!

Andrew Walker, 21, pictured on the right, bled to death after the dogs bit him 51 times.  Andrew Walker lost more than half his blood when he was repeatedly bitten by two Alsatians.

The dogs belonged to Jason Bloor, 37, who, seven months before the attack, had admitted allowing his three Rottweiler's to attack a woman and kill her poodle!

Bloor had been given a 12-month supervision order, sent on an offending behaviour scheme and had to pay £250 compensation, but crucially, he had not been banned from owning dogs!

Bloor went on to buy three Alsatians, two of which attacked his friend Andrew Walker, of Stoke-on-Trent, who was lodging with him at his Blackpool home while working at the town's Pleasure Beach. The dogs, 2 Alsatians (German Shepherd Dogs), were being exercised in the back garden when they began to fight and Mr Walker tried to separate them.

A picture of an Alsatian (German Shepherd dog), is pictured here.

But instead they both turned on him, biting him repeatedly until Bloor, who was inside the house, ran outside and dragged the dogs off him.

By the time paramedics arrived, Andrew Walker had lost four pints of blood and they were unable to save him.

Police initially investigated whether the dogs had been set on Mr Walker or had been goaded into fighting, but no charges were brought. Dangerous dogs in the UK - Andrew Walker

Bloor - who also had three other dogs, all Jack Russells - could not be charged for failing to control the dogs because the attack took place on private property and Alsatians are not one of the breeds banned by law.

This week he told an inquest his account of the fatal attack. 'I saw one dog on top of the other dog and Andy was trying to stop the dogs from fighting,' he said.  'I told Andy to get out, but he couldn't move, one dog had hold of Andy by his shoulder and then the other dog attacked Andy's waist and Andy was knocked to the floor.'

Both dogs were later destroyed. Recording a verdict of accidental death, Blackpool coroner Anne Hind said: 'Dogs are always potentially dangerous. All dogs bite, but with some dogs, especially these, the effects can be fatal.'

'This was a sustained attack with an appalling amount of blood loss.'

However, the hearing was not told of the attack on November 5, 2007, when Bloor's Rottweilers attacked Marcina Sowe, 27, and her miniature poodle, who had to be put down due to the attack!

Last night Mrs Sowe said all three Rottweiler's had been off their leads, and condemned Bloor for failing to help her during her 20-minute ordeal as she clutched her pet in her arms.

She said his response when he eventually came over was: 'There's nothing wrong with you". Her hand was so badly damaged that she couldn't even dial 999 on her phone and begged him to help. 'I managed to get my phone out of my pocket and passed it to him, but he kicked it away and then left.'

She needed surgery but still only has limited use of her thumb. The £250 compensation did not cover the vets bill. Mrs Sowe condemned the courts for failing to stop him from keeping vicious animals.

'When I heard that his dogs had killed someone I was horrified,' she said. 'I feel so sorry for him and his family but realise how lucky I was that I was not more severely injured.

'Tougher laws should be in place so this doesn't happen again. He should be banned from keeping dogs as he is not a responsible owner.'

7th February 2009 - Another baby KILLED by another Staffordshire Bull Terrier
A baby boy was killed by the 'family pet', a Staffordshire Bull Terrier, who snatched him from a baby basket while his grandmother slept, an inquest was told in court.

Staffordhsire Bull Terriers - Jaden Mack

Three-month-old Jaden Mack was staying with his grandmother at her home in Ystrad Mynach, South Wales, while his parents went out for the evening.

Detective Chief Inspector Jon Williams of Gwent Police told the inquest in Merthyr Tydfil: "His grandmother placed him in a baby basket, as had happened before with the agreement of his parents, within the front living-dining room. The grandmother would appear to have dropped off to sleep and upon waking found the terrible scene." Mr Williams said "post mortem findings indicated Jaden died from the injuries inflicted by the dog, a Staffordshire bull terrier."  Jaden had been placed in the baby basket in the lounge with her grandmother temporarily, and would not have stayed there all night, he added.

The tragedy occurred in the town of Ystrad Mynach, 12 miles north of Cardiff. The child was taken to Prince Charles hospital in Merthyr Tydfil where he was later pronounced dead.

His grandmother, named locally as Denise Wilson, was treated for severe shock in hospital.

"We never thought it could happen to us, but we are now grieving the loss of our 'little man' who will always be in our hearts and loved very much by all of his family and friends."

Neighbours reported hearing screams of panic as Denise Wilson, the baby's grandmother ran into the street crying for help.

Friends rushed into the house to help and managed to drag the dog off the child who was bleeding severely from the attack.

Neighbours in the street where the attack occurred confirmed that it was a regular arrangement and that the baby had stayed at the house several times before.

Heather Organ, 47, said she was watching television when she heard "screaming". "It seemed as if somebody was very distressed or being attacked," she said. "I came out and saw my neighbour and he knocked on the door and asked her to open the door.

"The grandmother came out and she was screaming 'The baby is dead. He is dead'   "When I entered the room, the baby was obviously dead. The baby had a severe injury to his neck and with that the police arrived."  She added: "It was dreadful. There was blood all over the floor."

Another neighbour, Gail Jones, 45, said she was walking back from a night out when she heard a distressed woman.

"It was just after 12pm and I heard the grandmother, she was more than crying - she was absolutely hysterical. The poor woman. It was terrible."

"You see these stories on the telly and you don't think it is going to happen on your street.

"I know one neighbour tried to give the baby the kiss of life, so you can imagine what state he is in now. Your heart goes out to the family. It is just so tragic."

Marion Harding, 64, who lives two doors away, said: "It was just gone midnight when I heard hysterical screams in the street. Other neighbours went to find out what was happening and found the baby was being attacked by two dogs.

"It was a terrible shock when I heard the baby had died - it's just too dreadful for words."

Other neighbours said the Staffordshire Bull terrier called Tyson - after World Heavyweight boxing champion Mike Tyson - was normally docile and there had been no previous trouble with it.

Chief Inspector Jim Baker said: "This is a tragic incident for the family and the community. "Gwent Police Family Liaison Officers are currently supporting and assisting the family through this very difficult time. The family wish to be left alone to grieve."

The funeral below, of the baby, Jaden Mack, killed by another  Staffordshire Bull Terrier:

Staffordhsire Bull Terriers - Jaden Mack

4th February 2009 - Another child mauled by a Bull Mastiff
A nine-year-old Derbyshire girl has undergone reconstructive facial surgery after being bitten by a dog.

Niamh Webster-Guy was standing on a pavement outside a friend's house in Cotmanhay when a Bullmastiff dog jumped up a fence and attacked her.

Dangerous dogs - Niamh Webster-Guy - Bull Mastiff

Niamh underwent a three-hour operation to repair damage to her face and received more than 100 stitches to her face.

Cheryl Webster, Niamh's mother, said she wanted the dog to be destroyed. "I want justice done, not only because of what has happened to us but because it could happen again. "I think it's the responsible thing to do."

Niamh said she was still upset about her injuries. "I don't feel it's very fair, that I've now been scarred for life, especially on my face."

Photo of a Bull Mastiff below:

Dangerous dogs - Niamh Webster-Guy - Bull Mastiff

22nd December 2008 - Two Rottweilers savage a postman just doing his job of delivering letters!
A postman has undergone a six-hour operation after being attacked by two Rottweiler dogs while delivering mail.

Keith Davies "had his arm nearly ripped off" in the attack in Cambridge, according to his union.

Cambridgeshire police said the dogs had been destroyed following the attack and an inquiry was under way. Royal Mail said the 54-year-old postman was making "steady progress" in Addenbrooke's Hospital, Cambridge, and an "urgent investigation" had begun.

Mr Davies was savaged outside a property in Trumpington on the outskirts of Cambridge.

Bricklayer Anthony Lunn, 44, came to his aid fighting off the dogs with an iron bar.

He said: "I ran over with an iron bar when my son told me a man was being attacked by a dog. When I approached the dogs, they both ran at me. I retreated back to my van and ran one of them over. But every time I got out of the van, the other dog came at me. I got on the phone to the ambulance and police, and kept revving the engine to distract the dog until it stopped mauling the postman. It eventually stopped, but after a long time. He was in a huge amount of agony. The police said we saved his life. But I only did what anyone else would have done."

Mr Davies, who was filling in for an injured colleague, was taken to Addenbrooke's Hospital by air ambulance.

Dave Joyce, national health and safety officer for the Communication Workers Union, said a bricklayer had gone to Mr Davies' aid and "probably saved his life. He had his arm nearly ripped clean off. He underwent six hours of surgery. He suffered nerve and tendon damage. He has a great big hole in his arm. We don't know whether they are going to save his arm. Mr Davies and his family are traumatised. We also don't know what long-term psychological damage he will suffer."

A Royal Mail spokesman said: "Thankfully, he is making steady progress in hospital today, however we are, of course, shocked by this incident and are urgently investigating what happened. Regrettably, dog attacks are a hazard faced by our employees - we record about 5,000 dog attacks on our postmen and women every year."

The Royal Mail spokesman also said "Incredibly, there's still a few naive people out there who say that you shouldn't necessarily blame the breed of Rottweilers and that all dogs are dangerous.  To say that a big strong dog like a Rottweiler is no more dangerous than any other breed is not only a ridiculous comment, but terribly naive and is the kind of thing to expect from a fan of one of the dangerous breeds of dogs. These 2 Rottweiler's have almost severed the mans arm from his body - for the people who try to say that all breeds bite, yes, all breeds can bite, but when was the last time you heard of two Chihuahua's almost ripping off a postmans arm - they are simply not capable of it and therefore by definition not as dangerous as Rotties."

Does the UK really need more dogs like the Rottweiler below ? ?

Dangerous dogs in the UK - Rottweilers - Keith Davies

9th October 2008 - Another Bull Terrier savagely attacks baby
Terrified residents have told how the savage dog dragged a baby along the street, before a bus driver intervened.

The dog, a Bull Terrier, had escaped from a garden, also bit four people in Mitcham, south London, before being shot dead by police marksmen.

Police officers in Mitcham, south London, received a series of calls after the bull terrier dog bit a one-year-old boy on the leg before attacking a bus driver, a 50-year-old woman and another person, who received facial injuries.

Police launched a hunt for the animal, helped by a police helicopter and dog handlers, and it was shot dead.

Scotland Yard said a 29-year-old woman was arrested for having a dog "dangerously out of control".  The bite victims were taken to hospital.

Jackie Haggis, a 38-year-old foster carer from Tavistock Crescent, Mitcham, witnessed the attack from her house, which was only a few yards away from the scene of the attack. She said: "I heard a load of noise outside. The noise became louder and louder and turned into screaming and shouting,  I looked out of the window and saw the Bull Terrier dragging the baby along the street in it's teeth. If the bus driver hadn't come to the baby's rescue, it would have certainly been killed. It was absolutely petrifying," she said.. "There were five men trying to help by hitting the dog with a fire extinguisher from the bus and sticks, but it just wouldn't let go, the dog was just turning on them. It was a crazy, mad dog. Eventually a man came on to the green in a pickup truck and tried to run the dog over but it didn't succeed.  The dog went berserk and started chasing the man in the truck down the road, and then the people took the chance and moved the baby away from the scene".

Another eyewitness, Oliver Davis, from Yorkshire Road, Mitcham, said, "As I was coming across the road with my two children, I saw the dog dragging the baby along the street. The men did really well to save the child. The dog was going crazy, it was going absolutely wild.  It just wanted to attack everything and everyone."

9th June 2008 - Chloe Ashman, aged 6, fighting for life, after her family pet Staffordshire Bull Terrier rips her throat out
Little Chloe Ashman was playing in her own garden when the dog (her family pet!!!!), leaped on her and sank its teeth straight into her neck, as result, the girl of six had part of her throat ripped out in a horror attack by her family's Staffordshire Bull Terrier.

Chloe Ashman below, lying lifeless in intensive care after a horrific attack by the Staffy - a Staffordshire Bull Terrier, Staffies are also sometimes referred to as the 'Nanny dog'!!!!!! Dangerous dogs in the UK - Staffordshire Bull Terriers - Chloe Ashman

Chloe's distraught mum Stacey, 27, ran screaming into the garden, pulling at the dog before being attacked by the Bull Terrier herself.

Chloe was playing in the garden at home in Folkestone, Kent, with her two-year-old brother Samuel when the pet struck.

The mother suffered injuries in the mauling and was rushed to hospital with her daughter, where Chloe was taken into intensive care.

Chloe was critical, but in a stable condition within a couple of weeks. But she may never talk again because of the damage to her voicebox.

A family friend said: "We don't know for definite that Chloe will be OK yet. It's been touch-and-go all week. She has slept most of the time because of the trauma and extent of her injuries. They only began waking her up on Friday afternoon. The family haven't even talked about her coming home yet - the injuries to her neck are awful." The incident happened in Folkestone, Kent. The dog has since been put down by a local vet."

A neighbour, who did not want to be named, said: "I was sitting in my garden when I heard Chloe screaming. The screams made the hairs on the back of my neck stand up. Then I heard Stacey shouting at the dog. I think she tried to wrestle it off Chloe. Within minutes, an ambulance had arrived and took them away."

Another neighbour said: "Chloe was in a really bad way. There was blood everywhere. The dog had just clamped it's very strong jaws around Chloes neck, the staffy then shook Chloe around like a rag doll. We heard that she has had her voicebox seriously damaged and might not talk again. It's an absolute tragedy. But if it wasn't for her mum, she'd be dead now."

Kent Police said: "Both mother and child remain in hospital where they are being treated for their injuries. The dog - a Staffordshire Bull Terrier - has been put down." Dangerous dogs in the UK - Staffordshire Bull Terriers - Chloe Ashman

The attack comes after shadow home affairs minister Andrew Rosindell stated that there are now more dangerous dogs in the UK than ever before.

An RSPCA spokeman said "dog licences should be brought back to stop thugs using animals as weapons".  "Owners would pay at least £10 for compulsory microchipping and registration unless there is a fall in the number of attacks, fights and strays", according to the charity's David Bowles.

The RSPCA warning comes amid concern at the huge rise in the number of people - especially children - who are injured or even killed by dogs.

Chloes father Lee, said: "The injuries have been so severe, the surgeons can't believe she is still alive."

Pictured to the right - Lee and Chloe Ashman before the attack by the Staffordshire Bull Terrier. 

Lee said, "I want to make as many people as possible, aware of what these dogs can do, so this doesn't happen to anyone else."

The mum needed stitches in her hand after trying to force the dog off. She said: "Samuel handed me a drill, so I started hitting the dog with the drill. I was able to get my hand in his mouth but he just bit down again. My neighbour jumped over the fence and got the dog off. He is the hero."

Below, a Staffordshire bull terrier (the 'Nanny' dog!!).

Dangerous dogs in the UK - Staffordshire Bull Terriers - Chloe Ashman

The dog was put down. Chloe is stable after three life-saving operations at St Thomas' Hospital in South London, but now has severe permanent damage to her voicebox!

Four breeds of dog are banned under the Dangerous Dogs Act - but they don't include staffies despite a string of recent attacks by these staffordshire bull terriers!!!

Dangerous dogs in the UK - Staffordshire Bull Terriers - Chloe Ashman

2nd June 2008 - Seven year old Charlie Faulding savaged by a Japanese Akita
Charlie Faulding, a schoolboy of just seven years old was savagely attacked by a Japanese Akita fighting dog, that left Charlie needing 40 stitches.

Mark Faulding, Charlie's dad, when hearing his son's screams, found his son lying motionless in a pool of blood with a growling Japanese Akita standing over him in the garden of a house in Hustler Street, Undercliffe,

Charlie Faulding was saved by his dad Mark, 36, who fought off the Japanese Akita, after his son passed out.

Mark, of Bradford, West Yorks, said: "I seriously thought he was dead. He was covered in blood and I couldn't recognise him or tell what damage was done. He was unconscious and the dog was growling inches from his face."

Now the family have taken the decision to move house because flashbacks of the heart-stopping moment, which happened only two doors away, are "too painful".  Sarah Knowles, Charlie's mum, said: "It has been a total nightmare. We are moving home because of what's happened. "We can't stay here because it's too painful. Every time my partner goes out of the back door, he sees the place where it happened and he says the feeling is awful.";

The family said they were still unhappy at West Yorkshire Police's reaction to the incident and were considering taking the matter further with Bradford Council's Dog Warden service.

Japanese Akita pictured below :

Dangerous dogs in the UK - Japanese Akitas - Charlie Faulding

29th May 2008 - Zoe Stenton's face torn apart by a Japanese Akita-Alsatian cross
Zoe Stenton, aged 9, whose face was torn apart by a huge cross-bred Japanese fighting dog at a children's birthday party.

Dangerous dogs in the UK - Japanese Akitas - Alsatians - Zoe Stenton

The akita-alsatian mix locked its jaws around Zoe Stenton's face - the attack left her cheek hanging off.

Zoe faced five hours of intensive surgery to piece her face and nose back together.

Neighbour Mandy Smith, 36, said: "The dog has gone for me before. I've always thought it could do some damage." "It's such a shame, that the face of this young girl is now scarred for life. Something has to be done to help stop these tragedies happening".

28th December 2007 - Archie-Lee Hirst, aged 1, savaged to DEATH by another Rottweiler
Archie-Lee died on the 28th of December 2007 after the ten-stone Rottweiler mauled his head at the home of his grandmother Sharon in Wakefield, West Yorks.

Little Archie-Lee Hirst (pictured below with his mum Becki), was mauled to death by the Rottweiler.

Dangerous dogs in the UK - Rottweilers - Archie-Lee Hirst

His aunt, who was upstairs in the house when she was alerted to the attack, battled the dog, as it savaged the child. After failing to wrestle Archie-Lee (pictured here), from the two year old Rottweiler, the aunt called the emergency services.Dangerous dogs in the UK - Rottweilers - Archie-Lee Hirst

Police handlers with poles were trying to corner the Rottweiler, but the dog wouldn't calm down!!

Paramedics attended to the child and he was taken to nearby Pinderfields General hospital but a few hours later was pronounced dead.

Detective Superintendent Steve Payne, who led the investigation, said: "I have to pay tribute to the auntie, who attempted to rescue the child from the Rottweiler. She struck the Rottweiler a number of times, but it just wouldn't let go of the child. It was a full-size Rottweiler dog, which weighed just over 10 stone. Clearly, we're talking about very strong and powerful dogs here."

Dangerous dogs in the UK - Rottweilers - Archie-Lee Hirst

26th December 2007 - 12 year old Laura Fearn mauled by another Rottweiler
Surgeons saved the lacerated thumb of a 12-year-old girl mauled by a Rottweiler on Boxing Day 2007. Lauren Fearn, 12, was attacked in the kitchen by the two-year-old dog, Buddy, as she fought to stop it biting her cousin Jessica Griffiths, aged eight.

26th December 2007 - Kieran Rogers savaged by a another Japanese Akita fighting dog, (the ones that have been used to hunt and kill bears!!)
Kieran Rogers, a seven year old boy was attacked by a Japanese Akita dog and as a result had very serious face and hand injuries

Kieran Rogers was with his mum Sharleen at the time of the attack near a fast food shop in Merthyr Road, Whitchurch, Cardiff.

The pair had walked the short distance from their home when Kieran spotted the dog, a Japanese Akita, being held on a lead by another small boy, as they walked by the Akita, the Akita savagely attacked the nine year old.

Mum Sharleen, said: "It all happened so fast. All of a sudden the dog leapt up and started to bite my son - he didn't have a chance to react."

"Everyone standing around tried to pull the dog off and I called an ambulance immediately."

Kieran, a pupil at Hawthorn Junior School, suffered puncture wounds to his right arm, left hand and right cheek where the dog had bitten clean through, in the attack.

The Japanese Akita dog is known as a particularly very powerful, very strong animal that has been bred to hunt and kill bears - but people keep them as domestic pets!?!?

Kieran was taken to the University Hospital of Wales in Cardiff where he spent the night and had an operation on his hand.

"Surely this dangerous dog should have been muzzled???" said Sharleen.

21st August 2007 - 6 year old Sophia Kimpton savaged by two Rottweilers
A six-year-old London girl has undergone major plastic surgery after being brutally mauled by two Rottweiler's at holiday accommodation in County Antrim.

A blood-soaked Sophia Kimpton was left screaming, caked in blood, with flesh hanging from her arms and was seconds from death on the doorstep of her holiday home as her parents fought to save her from the vicious attack.
Sophia's parents both attempted to kick the crazed dogs off before the farmer who owned the dogs shot them. Dangerous dogs in the UK

She was staying with her family at a holiday chalet near Dervock, outside Ballymoney, in County Antrim.

The little girl from London needed plastic surgery after suffering horrific injuries to her head, arms and back. She will be left with scarring.

Sophia Kimpton suffered 17 horrific injuries to her head, arms and back during the incident at Conagher self-catering chalets, on a working farm in Dervock.

Her mother fought off the dogs which were later shot by the farmer. The chalet owner refused to comment.

The Northern Ireland Tourist Board has suspended the tourism classification of their business.

Sophia underwent plastic surgery to repair her ears at the Ulster Hospital in Dundonald. She also has lacerations and puncture wounds.

Her mother, Natasha Beckett, said she thought her daughter was going to die during Tuesday's attack.

"These mad dogs were attacking her like a bit of meat, eating her and biting her," she said.

"They were horrifically big. We were yelling to get them off and they were not budging. My husband was kicking one of them, I was kicking the other one off. They were just attached to her head - they were just shaking her around like a rag doll".

"I used myself as a human shield. The blood was just pouring out of her.

"They were like dogs possessed, they were like wolves. They just wanted to get to Sophia, to kill her."

"She kept saying to me: 'Mummy, was I going to die?'"

Natasha said her child rolled herself onto her front, which saved her face.

She asked if the Northern Ireland Tourist Board, who approved the family accommodation, was aware that the owner kept dogs.

"This was advertised as a family holiday, in a family home and you do not expect any dogs of that kind to be on a working farm, where there is children," she said.

The Northern Ireland Tourist Board said it was shocked to learn of the attack.

9th April 2007 - 2 year old Paige Allison had most of her throat ripped out by another Staffordshire bull terrier
Little Paige Allison was savaged by a crazed 'pet dog' that went for her throat.  Two year old Paige was left fighting for her life when another Staffordshire Bull Terrier went wild, ripping off an ear, some of her face and most of her throat.

The Staffordshire bull terrier mauled the little girls throat and was given a tracheotomy to help her breathe.

The toddler was attacked at a house in Borrowdale Avenue, Shadsworth, Blackburn, last month while visiting friends with her mother Katie Holt.

She was cared for by doctors at the Royal Manchester Children's Hospital where she had major plastic surgery to mend her face and neck following the attack.< p>Her mother Katie Holt, of Devon Road, Blackburn, said "It was terrifying, the Staffordshire Bull terrier had my little daughters head and throat clamped in its mouth. Paige was screaming 'mummy, mummy, mummy' as the Bull terrier tossed her around, there was blood absolutely everywhere. I started hitting the dog over the head but it wouldn't stop. It was completely out of control. I tried to pull its jaws apart and could see its teeth had cut into Paige's throat. I thought she was going to die in front of me. Eventually the dog loosened its grip and I dragged Paige into another room and locked the door. She was cut all down the side of her scalp and her ear looked like it had come off. She has had so many stitches to reattach her face and ear that we can't count them. And we don't know if she'll ever talk again. You can see the fear in her eyes as she just mouths the words 'doggy' and 'mummy'."

But, Staffordshire bull terriers aren't listed under the Dangerous Dogs Act and police have said nobody will be prosecuted over the incident!!!

Little Paige Allison below, with her mother : Dangerous dogs in the UK - Staffordshire Bull Terriers - Paige Allison

15th January 2007 - 9 year-old Jordan Gillon savaged by 3 Rottweilers
A petrified schoolboy, Jordan Gillon (pictured on the right), was savaged by a neighbours three Rottweiler's in the lounge of his own home.  The 3 Rottweiler's struck as Jordan played Dangerous dogs in England - Rottweilers - Jordan Gillonoutdoors with the young son of the dogs' owner Yvonne Webb in Newcastle-under-Lyme, Staffs.

The baying hounds escaped from a property three doors away and chased nine-year-old Jordan Gillon up the driveway of his parents' house.

They caught up with him as he ran inside and attacked before he burst into the sitting room, where his mum Michelle and stepdad Scott Amos were watching TV.

One had clamped its jaws round Jordan's right arm, another was biting his legs and the third had its front paws on his shoulders and was trying to chew his neck.

Screaming Michelle, 33, ran for cover, fearing the dogs would attack Jordan's 18-month-old brother Alfie on her lap. But trained paramedic Scott, 35, bravely waded in with his fists and feet to force the beasts off.

Jordan had been bitten 16 times on his back, thighs, buttocks, legs and face. Bones and ligaments on his right arm were clearly visible.

Scott gave the hysterical boy First Aid and treated him for shock. But he needed nearly five hours of surgery yesterday and is due a further operation tomorrow. Doctors say he will be badly scarred for life.

Mrs Webb and husband Ian were out but say they thought they had left the dogs "secured" in their kitchen.

Shaken Michelle, a nurse, said last night: "Jordan burst into the room surrounded by these three big snarling Rottweilers. It was terrifying." Scott said: "Jordan's lucky to be alive."

Mrs Webb, the owner of the three Rottweilers, said: "My dogs have never bitten anyone before."  (Where have we heard that before?!?)

1st January 2007 - 5 Year old Ellie Lawrenson KILLED by another pit bull terrier-type dog
Five year old Ellie Lawrenson was killed in an attack by a pit bull terrier-type dog.  Ellie Lawrenson suffered severe head and neck injuries in the attack by the family pet.

The heartbroken family of five-year-old Ellie Lawrenson (pictured to the right), savaged to death by her uncle's dog, spoke of their "little angel".  Little Ellie was killed by the pit bull-type dog, Dangerous dogs in England - Rottweilers - Ellie Lawrensonowned by her uncle while she was staying at her grandmother's home in Eccleston, St Helens, early on New Year's Day 2007.

The family released a statement through Merseyside police saying: "Ellie was always happy and smiling. She was a little angel, full of life and always running around. She loved her music and was a proper little girl, performing her routines and singing along to Beyonce and the X-Factor. She was always sociable, playing with other children and chatting to neighbours. We had a great Christmas together, with her little brother, Josh, who Ellie doted on and thought she was a second mother to. She was an active little girl, she loved horse-riding and was looking forward to going ice-skating for the first time in the new year. We are absolutely devastated and can't believe she is now gone."

Elle - known as Ellie - had moved with her family to Warrington from St Helens shortly after her birth on October 31st in 2001.

She had attended the nursery at Tower College, a private school in Rainhill, in January last year and had recently moved into the reception class.

Her school report said: "Ellie is a happy little girl, who mixes well with other Dangerous dogs in England - Rottweilers - Ellie Lawrensonchildren ....she was a popular member of her class."

Her grandmother, Jackie Simpson, was also savaged as she tried to drag the powerful dog off the little girl. She needed emergency surgery. Mrs Simpson was treated for very serious arm and leg injuries at Whiston hospital. She had emergency surgery on tendons in her arm and serious wounds to her thumb and elbow.

Neighbours described the pit bull-type dog, as wild and aggressive, a powerful adult male dog which many locals feared. It was shot dead by a police marksman at the scene. Officers are awaiting the outcome of a post mortem to establish its breed. Owners of pure-bred pit bull terriers are legally to blame for attacks made by their animals under the provisions of the 1991 Dangerous Dogs Act.

The fiance of Ellie's other grandmother, who did not wish to be named, said: "She was just the loveliest girl you could hope to meet. We're in total shock."

Ellie was staying with her grandmother while her mother, named by neighbours as Lyndsay, and her partner went out to celebrate New Year. When they returned to collect Ellie, she asked to stay with her grandmother. The couple agreed and went home. Just forty minutes later, Ellie was savaged to death by the dog.

Emergency services rushed to the house after her grandmother shut the dog in its run and dialled 999, but Ellie was pronounced dead at the scene.

The tragedy has stunned neighbours around Knowles House Avenue, Eccleston. Locals had laid floral tributes on the green where Ellie used to play. Neighbours said the dog had been a constant menace on the Dangerous dogs in the UK - Pit Bulls - Ellie Lawrensonestate and they had feared it would turn on someone. Mr Simpson had been warned about his dog's dangerous behaviour before this tragic incident. St Helens council confirmed it had sent two separate warnings about the dog's vicious behaviour to Kiel Simpson, who lives with his mother and sister Kelsey, at Knowles House Avenue. The first warning letter was sent after a neighbour complained the animal had attacked his dog. A spokesman said: "Police received a report on May 29, 2006, about the dog's behaviour, which was passed on to us at the council on May 31. A warning was sent out shortly after." But no further action was taken. There was a further reported incident from a neighbour in July regarding a complaint about the dog barking. On both occasions letters were sent to the owner about control issues."

One of the neighbours said: "The owner of the pit bull would often be heard bragging that he was the owner of an American pitbull terrier, and that he somehow seemed pleased that the dog was a 'little crazy'. It is so sad, she was only a little girl." Other neighbours described the pit bull terrier as "wild".

Do we really need more dogs like the bull terrier below???  Don't children look to us adults to try to keep them as safe as possible????  Don't they???

Dangerous dogs in the UK - Pit Bulls - Ellie Lawrenson

26th September 2006 - 2 year old child, Harvey Lawrence, pictured below, mauled by another Rottweiler

Dangerous dogs in the UK - Rottweilers - Harvey Lawrence

A two-year-old boy, Harvey Lawrence, received deep wounds to his face and body in the attack by a Rottweiler, at his grandmother's home in Tudor Close, Middleton-on-Sea, near Bognor.

The Rottweiler had been tethered, but lunged at Harvey and it attacked him with such force that Mrs Lawrence was unable to fight it off alone.

Neighbour Mike Pepper saved Harvey by hitting the dog repeatedly over the head with a hammer.

23rd September 2006 - Cadey-Lee Deacon, (below), aged 5 months, savaged to DEATH by Rottweilers

Dangerous dogs in England - Rottweilers - Cadey-Lee Deacon

Five-month-old Cadey-Lee Deacon was savaged to death by two Rottweilers at the Rocket pub in Leicester. A fire escape door was mistakenly left open and allowed the family's dogs access to the living quarters.  The dogs then made their way to the bedroom in which baby Cadey-Lee was sleeping and then they mauled her to death.

The 2 Rottweilers killed this child in the photo above - how many more children need to die because of these dangerous dogs?!?

We need a licence for a TV - but no licence for dogs that kill children????

12th August 2006 - Natasha Fox aged 11, savaged by dog
Natasha Fox, 11, was savaged while she rode her bicycle outside her terraced home in Toxteth, Liverpool.

Plastic surgeon Christian Duncan treated Natasha for a "very significant" thigh injury. Two years later, she was still under his care.

He said: "Natasha had a really nasty dog bite to the back of her leg, with a lot of scarring typical for dog attack injuries we routinely see. There's also usually psychological problems resulting from such a severe dog attack. People sometimes forget the impact the psychological trauma of being bitten can have."

"We see so many cases where children's noses or ears have been bitten off and they require extensive and drawn-out reconstructive surgery. On an almost weekly basis, we are operating on children that have been savagely bitten by dogs and their injuries can often be very shocking as they are often to the face. The scars are for life, with the scars being both physical and mental."

Natasha Fox's leg below :

Dangerous dogs in the UK - Natasha Fox

Natasha Fox, scarred for life in this savage dog attack will not get a penny in compensation and the family of Natasha Fox were left even more shocked when they were told the dog's owner would not even be prosecuted!!

Natasha needed emergency surgery and required 60 stitches when her leg was ripped open outside her Toxteth home.

Dangerous dogs in the UK - Dangerous dogs in England

She had been riding her bike in Geraint Street in August, 2006, when the dog, believed to be a Pitbull or Staffordshire terrier, pounced on her.

Police arrested the owner, then 19, days later on suspicion of being in charge of a dog dangerously out of control.

Mother Linda said: "The law is just a joke. The dogs owner has got away with it. We are not bothered about the money, it's the principle.  We cannot understand why the police would not bring this attack through the courts. The dog was out of control and savaged her in a public place.  My daughter is still really self-conscious and hates wearing skirts or shorts because of the dreadful scars."

21st July 2006 - five year old Estelle Nolan savaged by dog
Estelle Nolan was savaged by a dog as she played near her home. Dangerous dogs in the UK - Estelle Nolan

Estelle (pictured to the right), suffered injuries to her face, ear, eye, stomach and shoulder when she was mauled by a dog in a field behind her home.

The youngster, who had a chronic fear of animals only eased when her mother Angela Hennelly bought her a kitten, was rushed to hospital with blood pouring from her face.

She needed emergency plastic surgery at Alder Hey Hospital - but her family have been told her scars will never fade completely.

Ms Hennelly said: "It was early evening and Estelle asked if she could go down to the field with her brother Edward to watch him hitting some golf balls. After what seemed like five minutes, I heard Estelle crying and shouting: 'Mummy'. I looked downstairs and she was coming towards me - but I could not see her face for all of the blood on her face. I rushed her into the bathroom to try and clean her up. She kept saying 'I'm sorry, the dog bit me'. When Edward and Estelle got to the field, they could see a gang of lads in the distance with a dog. Edward hit a golf ball and the next thing they knew, the dog came running over. It must have sensed Estelle's fear - she tried to stand behind her brother but it just pinned her down."

Estelle, who already had a chronic fear of animals was rushed to hospital with blood pouring from her face. She needed emergency plastic surgery at Alder Hey - but her family have been told her scars will never fade completely.

Ms Hennelly added: "She is OK now, because she does not really understand. She thinks the dog that bit her has gone to jail. I hope she will block it all out eventually.

"At the end of the day, it was not the dog's fault. People are training these animals to kill. In this area, they are used as fashion accessories, but they do not know what they are playing at."

The officers dealing with the case were so affected by Estelle's ordeal that they bought her presents to help her recovery.

Inspector Louise Harrison, of Merseyside police, said: "We have spoken to the family and taken statements, and we would like anyone with any more information to come forward. If anyone can help, please call Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111.

18th July 2006 - Owen Merrell, aged seven, mauled by dog
Owen Merrell, aged 7, has been left scarred for life, due to a horrific dog attack. Owen had his leg ripped open by a dog while walking home from school.

Owen needed emergency plastic surgery after being savaged by a dog as he walked home from Castle View primary school, in Runcorn's Halton Brook estate. The out-of-control animal locked its jaws around his leg and bit his chest and hip.

Owen spent three nights at Alder Hey hospital and had to walk with a walking frame afterwards.

The family of Owen Merrell are calling on home secretary Dr John Reid to change the law on dangerous dogs in a campaign backed by the RSPCA and the police.

His father Gary Merrell, of Fallow-field, Halton Brook, said: "Owen and his mum, were walking down a public pathway when the dog ran at them and leaped on him. Someone came running after it, saying it had got out. He and someone else tried to get the dog off Owen. He had bite marks on his chest and hip, and the dog's jaws had firmly locked onto Owens thigh. He's walking OK now, but it has traumatised him and he is not happy around dogs. He has been waking up early and if he hears a dog, he is worried that it is coming for him."

The government should :

* Make the microchipping of dogs mandatory, so the owners of dangerous dogs can be easily traced.

* Toughen court sentencing so anyone found guilty of possessing a dangerous dog should be banned from keeping animals for life.

* Set up a dangerous dog assessment centre in the north west, preferably Merseyside, to make it easier for problem cases to be checked out.

The government ministers say that they will consider changing legislation, if there is enough proof that the problem is a serious one.  (What more proof do the ministers need!!!!  How many more children need to die or get seriously scarred for life, before the ministers in our democratically elected parliaments get the proof!!!)

20th June 2006 - Diane Young, savaged by two dogs
Diane Young, 44, from Speke, was returning home from a night out on the 20th of June 2006, when she was attacked by dogs being looked after by a neighbour. Every night, Diane Young wakes up with nightmares of gnashing white teeth. A look at her badly scarred arm is a stark reminder of the evening when she was savaged by two dogs.

The attack changed her life forever - the injuries to her arm and to her legs mean she can no longer wash her hair or tie her shoelaces. Vivid recurring memories have left her too frightened to go out alone.

The dogs, described as bull terriers, had to be shot by a police marksman.

Recalling the moment the dogs attacked, Ms Young, still distressed by her ordeal, said: "The dog just pulled me back and forth like a rag doll for 15 minutes. There were people stood around, but everyone who saw what happened was terrified and too scared to go near the dogs. My neighbour Donald Gray came over and started to pull the dogs off. He risked his life to save mine. I am luckily to be alive and I am very grateful."

Speaking of life since the attack, Ms Young, who now has a full-time carer, said: "It's been terrible. I can't go out on my own. I have even had to cancel my physiotherapy and now I am absolutely terrified of dogs. I was standing in my local shop and a woman came in with a mongrel. I was a bit wary but then a lad came in with a bull terrier in a harness and all I could think of was how could I get out of the shop. Then the other day someone came to the door with a dog and it was whining. All I could think was that it was whining because it knew I was in there and it wanted to come and get me. I just went to pieces. In my head every dog that looks at me wants to get me. It has totally ruined my life."

Ms Young, who was left-handed before the attack has now had to teach herself to use her right hand.

She has had four operations and skin grafts on her arm, and still faces more surgery. It is unlikely she will ever regain the full use of her left arm. My injuries looked like something from a horror movie. As far as I am concerned my arm is not my arm. It is disfigured and I can only move my fingers a tiny bit. My physio has been fantastic but it is not going to bring my hand back."

12th June 2006 - Gregory Latham savaged by a Pit Bull Terrier
June 2006, a pit bull terrier attacked Gregory Latham as he returned home from a birthday night out.

The 48-year-old from Huyton suffered more than 20 bite marks to his legs, hands and chest.

28th May 2006 - Nikkita Douglas, aged 9, savaged by another Pit Bull Terrier
The nine-year-old suffered terrible leg wounds when she was savaged near her Norris Green home on the 28th of May 2006.

Nikkita Douglas was rushed to the Alder Hey hospital for emergency treatment after being attacked by a Pitbull Terrier.

The family of nine year-old Nikkita Douglas, who was savaged by a Pit Bull Terrier near her Norris Green home, spoke of their horror at the sudden increase. Her gran Nora Kelly said "It's very worrying, I still hear owners say, 'it's ok, the dog won't bite', but we know that's not always the case. There's not enough being done, I still see American pitbulls being walked around our streets even today.  "The courts need to be stricter with owners, not just give them a slap on the wrists."

12th January 2005 - two year old Anna Knuckles pictured to the right, savagely mauled by another Japanese Akita dog
Two year old Anna Knuckles was savaged by another Japanese Akita dog in Llansteffan, Carmarthenshire, Dangerous dogs in the UK - Rottweilers - Anna KnucklesWales.

Despite the toddler needing 100 stitches in her head and face, the police said they were powerless as the attack had not taken place in a public place, as the child was visiting a neighbour with her dad.

Anna's dad, Ken, said "with the help of a workman that happened to be at the scene, I managed to get Anna away from the crazed Akita hunting dog, but Anna was unrecognisable through the torn scalp and blood. If the workman had not have been there, she wouldn't have stood a chance."  Without that help Mr Knuckles said he would not have been able to pull the dog off his daughter.

"He'd already systematically eaten through Dangerous dogs in the UK - Japanese Akitas - Anna Knucklesthe girls skull and my daughter was screaming and losing consciousness.".

Anna's ear was torn, her jaw muscles damaged, and her skull compressed and split open. There were holes in her skull where the dog had bitten her. 

Mr Knuckles described the attack as a "horrifying experience".

"All of a sudden, there was a pounce and it was on her that quick. I looked down and I couldn't see my daughter, just the dog eating my daughter," he said.

Dangerous dogs in the UK - Japanese Akitas - Anna Knuckles

Anna underwent extensive surgery for her injuries including her ear being torn, her jaw muscles damaged, and her skull compressed and split open.

She has since made a good recovery but still suffers from a phobia of dogs and her father said they have had to live with the fear every day of having the dog living next door.

A complaint was made to Dyfed-Powys Police, but officers were unable to do anything about it because legislation only covers attacks in a public place, and this happened in a private house.

The Japanese Akita is not among the UK's banned dog breeds and the father said they were taking civil action against their neighbour because they felt someone should be held responsible.

Solicitor Mike Imperato said they are waiting for a final psychiatric assessment on Anna before they issue proceedings but he said damages could be worth up to £20,000.

Mr Imperato said "This Akita was quite clearly a very strong, large, aggressive dangerous dog. The dog should have been restrained, it should have been kept away. We're saying it wasn't. The dog then attacked the child with no provocation whatsoever."

The Japanese hunting dog, or Japanese Akita, was originally used to hunt, bring down and kill bears in the Japanese forests, and is regarded among dog experts as being prone to unpredictable behaviour. "The question that usually occurs to most people is, does anyone really need a dog that has been specifically bred and trained to kill a bear?"

"Despite all the recent media coverage on similar cases of dangerous dogs, including the one on Anna from Carmarthen, nothing has been done at all to get these dangerous dogs off the street and to keep them away from children. This is an increasingly prevalent problem in the UK and the Government seems to be doing absolutely nothing about it at all."

"I don't know why someone in the UK would want a bear-hunting dog and I feel strongly that the Government should add them to the list of banned breeds.  Surely a dog that is bred to hunt, and is known to have a vicious temperament, whose owners even admit they are hard to train, should not be allowed as a pet."

Japanese Akita dogs are prized for their ability to hunt and kill bears, so what on earth are these Akitas doing as domestic pets!!!!

27th July 2004 - another dog attack scars child for life
A TERRIFIED four-year-old has been left scarred for life after being savaged by another dangerous dog.

Brandon Cavanagh was playing with friends when the Japanese Akita charged at him, pushed him to the ground and tore his top lip apart. Dangerous dogs in the UK - Japanese Akitas - Brandon Cavanagh

He had to have 20 stitches inserted in face wounds. He faces a two-year wait for plastic surgery for some of the scars to be cosmetically treated, but will have a permanent mark on his lip.

His mother Kelly says the attack was another devastating blow for Brandon, who has suffered serious health problems in his short lifetime, including four open-heart operations. He is now awaiting a heart transplant.

Kelly, who made an agonising 70-mile taxi journey to be at her son's bedside in Booth Hall Children's Hospital, said: "I had left Brandon with his granddad at Brotherod Hall Road, which I have always considered a very safe place for children to play."

The 21-year-old, of Preston Street, Spotland, went on: "When I was told about the attack I began to shake and cry - I was just hysterical."

"I am very protective towards him because he has a heart that doctors say is too small, so he gets breathless easily."

Brandon is now back home, but Kelly fears he may be mentally as well as physically scarred by the incident.

"I have no grudge against the owner of the dog, but there are a number of aggressive Japanese Akitas on that road so it could very easily happen again.  Surely more things should be done to stop more children getting harmed like this?"

27th July 2002 - Connor Jones savaged by another Bull Mastiff
Connor Jones, aged 6, was viciously attacked by a Bull Mastiff on July 27 2002, which resulted in Connor receiving serious head injuries.

22nd June 2000 - school playground attack by an English Bull Terrier
The attack took place at Maerdy infants school on the 22nd of June 2000, when an Dangerous dogs in the UK - Bull Terriers - Mike PowerEnglish Bull Terrier attacked children in a south Wales school playground.

Mike Power, pictured to the right, who needed 13 stitches as a result of being bitten by the English Bull Terrier: 

Six year old Mike Power was playing football with his friends in the school yard when the dangerous dog attacked.

He was taken to hospital and had 13 stitches above his eye and was also bitten on his elbow and the top of his leg.

A photo of an English Bull Terrier is on the right:

Dangerous dogs in the UK - English Bull Terriers

A total of four children and a school dinner lady were injured during the incident at the 144-pupil Maerdy Infants School in the Rhondda.

Six year old Tara Smith had hospital surgery to her ear as a result of the bite by the English Bull Terrier.

School head teacher Gwyneth Maliphant said "the Bull Terrier got into the yard where the over-fives were being supervised, and started to bite the children - it was dreadful.  Surely our children have a right to lead safe lives, without getting mauled, or even killed by these dangerous dogs??"

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14th April 1989 - Kellie Lynch aged 11, was KILLED by two Rottweiller dogs
Kellie Lynch was killed and decapitated by two Rottweiler's in 1989.  Kellie was on holiday in Dunoon from her home in Dundee during the Easter school holidays in April 1989. Kellie was staying with her friend Lorraine and her family.  Lorraine’s father had bred Rottweilers for years. There was no history of any violence or bad behaviour from any of his dogs. The owner of the dogs allowed Kellie and her friend to take the dogs out for a walk by themselves. The dogs had a combined weight of around 19 stone. Kellie weighed 4.5stone.  During this time, both dogs then attacked Kellie viciously until she was dead. Kellie didn’t stand a chance. Her friend Lorraine had to leave Kellie whilst she was being attacked and screaming for help to go and get someone to try help as Lorraine was being bit by the dogs when she was trying to help and get the dogs off of Kellie.

By the time help arrived Kellie was lying lifeless. As people approached Kellie to try help, the dogs were circling around Kellie and were attacking anyone that tried to help her. Some volunteers suffered very nasty bites.

Again, these two massive dogs were championship, pure bred Rottweilers with no history of any bites or “bad behaviour”. The owner had bred these dogs and still owned the mum and dad dog. It just shows how quickly it can turn and if there’s not someone there to control dogs like that it can turn tragic in a heartbeat.

Dangerous dogs in the UK - Rottweilers - Kellie Lynch

When her parents visited her body in the morgue they were told not to touch Kellie. The reason for this became clear later on during the investigation into Kellies death that she had actually been decapitated by the dogs and had to be sewn back together as well as various other parts that were ripped from her body as well.

As a result of this tragic event, Kellies mum Veronica Lynch has campaigned vigorously to have all dog owners vetted for a criminal record and those with convictions, particularly for violence and drugs, would be banned from keeping a dog.

The campaign is called Kellies Law, named after Veronica Lynch's daughter, Kellie. 

Should the UK government be doing something to stop this major problem??
While the UK and other countries have been rather slow to react, mainly due to political laziness, some countries are now starting to recognise this major problem.  Dangerous dogs have been under the spotlight in Switzerland after the horrific death of a six-year-old boy killed by pit bull terriers in November 2005 in a small town near Zurich.

The population of Switzerland, prompted by several serious dog mauling incidents, has forced its politicians to lead the way. Under the new measures, considered as "complementary" to the current tough regime in Geneva, 12 dangerous dog breeds will be banned and owners whose dogs weigh more 25kg will need a permit to walk them in public.

Question - "What should I do if I suspect someone has an illegal or dangerous type of dog?"
Answer - You can contact your local police station or Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111 and report the information to them.  The police will then take appropriate action.

Section 1 of the Dangerous Dogs Act 1991 prohibits four types of dog:

1. Pit Bull Terrier
2. Japanese Tosa
3. Dogo Argentino
4. Fila Brasileiro
The XL Bully is illegal to own from the 1st February 2024 without a certificate of exemption.

It is an offence to own or keep any of these types of dog. In addition, it is an offence to breed from, sell or exchange (even as a gift) such a dog.

It is important to note that, in the UK, dangerous dogs are classified by "type", not by breed label. This means that whether a dog is considered dangerous, and therefore prohibited, will depend on a judgment about its physical characteristics, and whether they match the description of a prohibited 'type'. The assessment of the physical characteristics is made by a court.

But, just because the list of banned dogs (the 4 on the list above), have been officially declared the list of 'Dangerous Dogs', it doesn't necessarily mean they are the most dangerous.  Statistically, the dogs below, are the dogs that have caused the most harm to people.

Top 10 dogs for KILLING children or causing serious harm to children :
1. Staffordshire Bull Terriers
2. Rottweilers
3. Japanese Akitas
4. German Shepherds (Alsatians)
5. Pit Bull Terriers
6. Bullmastiffs
7. Huskies
8. English Bull Terriers
9. Dobermans (Doberman Pinschers)
10. American Bulldogs

OK, looking at the list above, you might think that on average, there would be more dog attacks by Staffordshire Bull Terriers, IF there were more Staffies than any other dogs in the UK - but reality states something quite different - Labradors in the UK, outnumber Staffordshire Bull Terriers by almost 4 to 1, but when was the last time you heard of a Labrador killing someone!!!

10 Most popular breeds of dog in the UK
1. Retriever (Labrador) 46,700
2. Spaniel (Cocker) 21,459
3. Spaniel (English Springer) 16,133
4. German Shepherd Dog (Alsatian) 12,857
5. Staffordshire Bull Terrier 12,729
6. Cavalier King Charles Spaniel 11,411
7. Retriever (Golden) 9,373
8. West Highland White Terrier 9,300
9. Boxer 9,066
10. Border Terrier 8,916

It's worth noting, that the RSPCA have often stated that the two biggest offenders for attacks on children are Cocker Spaniels and Labradors, but, because they lack the aggressiveness and/or strength that other breeds of dogs have, they very rarely cause any serious harm.

So what is that makes a dog, a dangerous dog?  Every year many 1,000's of children in the UK are attacked by a dog, but what is it that turns a dog from a 'family pet' into a violent, bloodthirsty animal?  If we were talking about humans here we would probably say it's in the genes and blame the parents, however, this can also be said about dogs.

This theory is backed up by The Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (Defra) and is why four specific named breeds are prohibited under the 1991 Dangerous Dogs Act.  They are implying that the dogs on the list of banned dogs are violent by nature and nothing is going to change them, but why can't the same be said about Rottweilers and Staffordshire Bull Terriers?  They are not banned, but they have a very bad reputation, especially with children, which hasn't been helped by children being killed by some of these dogs.

Looking for a list of banned dogs in the UK ?  Or, perhaps a list of dangerous dogs in the UK ?  Well, it all depends on how you view that terminology!! The list of banned dogs in the UK are listed in the dangerous dogs act of 1991, BUT, as you can see from this page, there's many other breeds of dogs that are causing children severe harm, even to die, BUT, those dogs are not listed in the dangerous dogs act!!

The dangerous dogs act of 1991
The 4 dogs on the list of banned dogs under the dangerous dogs act of 1991, (amended 1997) are American Pit Bull Terriers, Dogo Argentinos, Fila Brazilieros and Japanese Tosas. The XL Bully is illegal to own from the 1st February 2024 without a certificate of exemption.

For anyone not sure of what the 'official' dangerous dogs look like, here they are:

American Pit Bull Terriers:

Dangerous Dogs in the UK - American Pit Bull Terriers

Dogo Argentinas :

Dangerous Dogs in the UK - Dogo Argentina

Fila Brazilieros :

Dangerous Dogs in the UK - Fila Braziliero

Japanese Tosas :

Dangerous Dogs in the UK - Japanese Tosa

The dangerous dogs act in the UK dated 1991, (which includes the amendment of 1997), needs changing, because under the current legislation of the Dangerous Dogs Act 1991, the owners of dangerous dogs who commit these offences, face fines of up to £5,000 and up to two years in jail - if an attack occurs on public land or a place where the dog should not have been in the first place.  But the only 4 dogs on the dangerous dogs list are American Pit Bull Terrier, Dogo Argentino, Fila Braziliero and Japanese Tosa - why just these 4 dogs?

The other dogs that are usually the ones to cause the most damage to young children apart from American Pit Bull Terriers, Dogo Argentinos, Fila Brazilieros and Japanese Tosas are Rottweilers, Alsatians (German sheep dogs / German Shepherds),  Dobermans (Doberman Pinschers), Bull Mastiffs, Japanese Akitas, English Bull Terriers and Staffordshire Bull Terriers - so why isn't there at least some sort of plan for dealing with these types of dogs as well??

Official studies point out that the breeds of Alsatians (German sheep dogs / German Shepherds),  Dobermans (Doberman Pinschers), Rottweilers, Pitbull terriers and Staffordshire bull terriers were 17 times more likely to bite and cause severe harm to children, compared to other breeds such as Labrador retrievers, Spaniels or mixed-breed dogs.

Responsible ownership - the law should also be looking into proper controls of breeding and selling of dogs, training and education for owners, and a full registration scheme to enable the tracking of dogs and their owners. There needs to be education for all potential dog owners so they are fully aware of their responsibility as a dog owner before they become one, and continuing education and training to ensure that owners understand such things as the importance of training and socialisation.  There are some movements been made by the UK government at the moment in this direction, with an amendment to the Dangerous Dogs Act currently going through parliament.

The amendment extends the reach of the law to include dog attacks in any public or private space, putting the onus on owners to manage their animals responsibly at all times and places. It also makes the provision that courts should consider whether a dog owner, 'is a fit and proper person to be in charge of the dog'.   It also extends the maximum jail term for an offence from two years to life imprisonment.  The proposed amendment to the act has been welcomed by the Communication Workers' Union as it, 'indicates the government is serious about tackling the problem of irresponsible dog ownership'.

However, these changes fall short of calls by the RSPCA for the government to, 'give local councils the power to impose notices and mandatory training on owners.' The law on dangerous dogs in the UK continues to be a contentious issue, but a least these changes to the law put more emphasis on the owner's actions, as well as alerting the public as to the dangers of certain dog breeds.

Dog bite compensation claims - there's now an additional deterrent in the prospect of many more dog bite compensation claims being made against owners for their dogs' behaviour.

All dogs bite!! - when discussing with someone, the issue of dangerous dogs in the UK, you will usually hear the common, often repeated phrase - "All dogs bite, not just the dangerous dogs" - exactly, all dogs bite, including the smaller dogs like Chihuahuas, Daschunds, Maltese Terriers, Pekinese Terriers, Yorkshire Terriers, etc bite, but if you were forced to be bitten by a dog, and the choice was being bitten by a Chihuahua or a Rottweiler - which one would YOU choose??  You would obviously choose the Chihuahua - the reason is that one is much stronger than the other and so the bite will be a lot more powerful with the stronger dogs like Rottweilers, Alsatians (German Shepherd dogs), Dobermans (Doberman Pinschers), American Pit Bull Terriers, Bull Mastiffs, English Bull Terriers, Japanese Akitas and Staffordshire Bull Terriers. The average dog's mouth exerts 150 to 180 pounds of pressure per square inch and some dogs can apply up to 450 pounds, but in recent studies, an expert testified that, on average, the biting power of a German Shepherd is usually 900 to 1,200 lbs. per square inch, a Rottweiler is 1,700 to 1,800 lbs. per square inch, and the pit bull, again, on average, has the most powerful bite at 2,400 to 2,500 lbs. per square inch. In comparison, it takes just 4 lbs of pressure per square inch to break a human's finger.

In most of the emails received on the subject of dangerous dogs, one of the most repeating sentences (usually from someone who would incur a financial loss, if some of these breeds of dogs disappeared, i.e. dog breeders of particular breeds for example), goes something like this "All dogs can bite, why are you only picking on Rottweilers, Alsatians (German Shepherd dogs),  Dobermans (Doberman Pinschers), American Pit Bull Terriers (also known as Pitbulls, American Bull Terriers, Pit Dogs and Pit Terriers), Bull Mastiffs, English Bull Terriers, Japanese Akitas and Staffordshire Bull Terriers etc, etc?"  The answers always a very simple one - "When was the last time you heard of a Border Collie, Chihuahua, Cocker Spaniel or Labrador killing a little child??"

The RSPCA, widely recognised as experts on the dangers of dogs are very clear on the dangers of particular dogs. As the RSPCA's official spokesman, Mark Evans, has stated. "A smaller dog can be just as aggressive, and may still bite, but there is much less chance of it being a life-threatening attack."

Dangerous dogs in the UK

The RSPCA's Chief Veterinary Officer Chris Lawrence said these breeds can pose a serious danger to the public. "What we have here, are dogs which are potentially really nasty, aggressive and very vicious."  The police are urging the government to tackle the problem. "Also, prosecutors need to be much more flexible and creative, and there's no reason to be fixated purely on the Dangerous Dogs act when dealing with such cases."

Don't we owe it to children to help stop any more of them having serious injuries or even dying because of a dog, don't we???

If you see any dangerous looking dogs, that perhaps shouldn't be in the UK or perhaps are not muzzled, call the RSPCA urgently, on 08705 555 999 to report it.

An excellent website, giving details on potential Dangerous dogs in the UKdangers when mixing children with dogs, is on the link below :
Helping to prevent children's accidents within the home and elsewhere - DangerSpot Books

At the moment, there's still quite a lot of prohibited dogs in the UK and/or dangerous dogs in the UK, but the more we inform others about this serious problem, the more it will help to save peoples lives - please use the link below to tell others.

With this page showing so many people dying or incurring serious harm, as a result of dogs savagely attacking them, it's no wonder that this page raises a lot of attention. On average, we receive about 80-100 emails a week on the subject of specifically dangerous dogs in Britain, or generally, on dangerous dogs in the UK, and on average, about 95% agree that something should be done to help stop any more tragedies like the ones on this page.  Thank you to those who support the aims of this page - to help stop any more harm to children due to dogs. Please let others know about this problem, by clicking on the link below:

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Most people actually DO want to do something to help stop these attacks on children by dogs. Many people are now questioning the laws surrounding dog control after many, many attacks by dogs on people and are communicating with their local MP's, newspapers, radio, television, etc, etc. PLEASE, if you really value childrens lives, do something about this needless waste and harm of lives. PLEASE tell as many people as possible about this problem, pointing them to this page if you wish. Also, if you have a website and would like to let the visitors to your website know about this serious problem, with 'family pets' causing so much harm to people, including young children, click on the link below:
Action to help prevent more dog attacks on children.

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