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Anti-Ageing - Anti-Aging

Ageing - (or aging as the Americans spell it), is something that inevitably (and unfortunately), happens to all of us and as far as genes are concerned, here's the bad news, there's obviously nothing that can be done about the genes we inherit from our mums and dads.

Ageing shows itself in many different ways, whether it be the lines on our face, or memory starting to fade etc, and let's be totally clear, there's nothing that can be done to stop ageing, but, there's lots of things that you can do to slow the ageing process down.

The ever eternal question - "can anything be done to slow down the ageing process" - the answer is, most definitely, yes :

Exercise - whatever age you are, you can always exercise, and if you haven't exercised for a while, then just build up to it slowly.

Smoking - pure and simple, if you smoke and you're interested in your health, what are you doing smoking??

Diet - what we eat and drink plays an incredible part in the anti-ageing process, sticking to mainly fish, turkey and chicken instead of red meat goes a long way to helping, plus eating fruit and veg every day. More details on how this can affect you is below:

What you eat is what you are. Eating foods that are harmful for the body leads to ailments, low energy levels, depression and can even be fatal. Following diets that are lop sided like the Atkins (which recommends only protein consumption) or the South Beach Diet only leads to temporary weight loss and almost permanent damage in terms of health and energy.

What you really need is a balanced diet that includes carbohydrates, proteins, fats as well as fiber to ensure a healthy and long life. Aging is the process that occurs when the body cells fall prey to external elements and wither off. If the body cells remain well oxygenated and healthy aging can be postponed. Certain foods can help in preventing cell degeneration.

Below is a list of the top ten anti aging foods that help regain vigor and vitality.

Avocado - this is one of the most alkalizing foods available. Avocados are very high in vitamin E which is essential for glowing skin and shining hair. It also help keeps those wrinkles off your face. Have a raw avocado salad or a steamed one with some salt to add effect.

Berries - all berries, especially Gooseberries, are very rich in vitamin C and therefore highly useful to the body. Vitamin C helps in proper blood circulation and provides minerals and salts to all the body parts. Needless to say this helps the body to fight against aging and keep fit.

Green vegetables - broccoli, spinach, lettuce, salad leaves and other such greens are highly beneficial for the body. Not only do they help keep the body weight low but also help fight toxins. Fighting toxins is important because a highly toxic body is like a magnet for all kinds of diseases that can harm the body.

Garlic - this is one of the most important foods provided to us by nature. The benefits of garlic are numerous. It helps prevent cell degeneration, helps keep the blood thin and also prevents heart diseases. It is most beneficial when eaten raw.

Ginger - this root facilitates digestion and is therefore essential for the body. Ginger keeps bowel movement in shape, thereby enabling good gut health.

Nuts - almonds and cashew nuts are like power houses of energy. Consuming nuts on a daily basis will fight that lethargic feeling and fill the body with immense energy.

Yogurt - yogurt is rich is important minerals like potassium, calcium, protein and B vitamins. Apart from these, what makes yogurt one of the most powerful foods is the presence of live bacteria in it. This bacteria helps absorption of nutrients in the intestines and stabilizes the immune system.

Whole wheat pasta and brown rice - carbohydrates are long term energy foods and should never be given up unless you want to invite trouble. Substitute white pasta and rice with whole wheat pasta and brown rice and you will instantly feel the difference in your energy level.

Melons - water melons and musk melons not only have an alkalizing effect on the body but also provide the body with essential fluids that it needs for performing various tasks.

Water - nothing compares to water and always stay away from those fizzy drinks, for it takes 32 glasses of water to balance out the ill effects of one glass of fizzy drink. Water is essential for our body. It flushes out all the toxins from the body. It also provides fluidity for the flow of blood. At least 8 glasses of clean pure water must be consumed on a daily basis.

There is no need to look your age anymore. Flaunt a younger look and live much longer without having to bother to go under the knife. A good exercise routine, a time for relaxing, plus consuming foods and liquids that are good for us, for example, the items that are on the superfoods page, will all help us in the anti aging battle. Anti aging foods and liquids are the answers to obesity, illness and wrinkles.

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