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Detox - Detoxing and detoxing drinks

Cleaning up your system - fortunately, our bodies have a very efficient detoxification system that copes well with unwanted substances and the particular demands of our modem lifestyles. Many poisons are broken down by the liver and rendered harmless before being excreted by the kidneys. Carbon dioxide left over from the chemical activities of cells is exhaled from the lungs into the atmosphere, later used by plants and converted back into oxygen - all part of the delicate way in which nature is balanced. Some wastes are sweated out through the skin, and of course much unwanted debris is excreted via the bowels after the goodness has been extracted.

The lymphatic system provides us with a cleaning and drainage network, which also removes waste products from cells along with the rubbish accumulated by the fighting forces of our immune system, such as dead bacteria. Unlike the blood circulation, the lymph has no pump to keep it on the move, but relies mainly on gravity and the action of our muscles. It is therefore vital to take some form of exercise to encourage the lymph to do its cleaning-up duties regularly. Brisk walking is beneficial, as are most sports. Any activity that involves small jumping movements is ideal, such as skipping or jogging, or bouncing on a mini-trampoline.

Exercise that gives good aerobic effect (that is making your heart beat faster and your face go pink) also increases the efficiency of your lungs in taking in oxygen and expelling carbon dioxide, while the perspiration will, help to get rid of any extraneous urea not excreted by the kidneys; this is the nitrogenous waste produced when the liver transforms amino acids into glycogen.
If for some reason you are unable to take part in energetic activities, then whole-body deep breathing, raising your arms to the side as you breathe in, will be advantageous.

Fibre - fibre that comes from whole food sources is ideal, but many western diets, including those in the UK and Spain, rely too heavily on white breads and rice which may not contain adequate amounts of this vital nutrient. If you're having trouble incorporating fiber rich foods into your daily diet, consider a herbal fibre supplement for colon cleansing.  Fibre can help sweep the colon clear of waste and toxins while herbs can soothe and stimulate the digestive processes and sensitive villi.

Foods that detoxify - Certain foods and drinks have the reputation of being good cleansers, so it's worth setting aside a few days for a thorough spring-clean. Choose a time when demands are not too great, so that you can relax and rest when you feel the need, as you will be concentrating on foods devoid of saturated fat that are generally low in calories.
The average Western diet, which is high in fat and consists of lifeless processed foods and sugary, low-fibre confections, leaves the system distinctly bunged up. Constipation is common and faeces start to putrify in the gut, eventually causing very serious problems, some life-threatening, such as cancer of the colon. If elimination is not sufficiently frequent, faecal backflow can occur, whereby toxins are reabsorbed into the system - very unhealthy indeed. A good dean-out, therefore, must include fibre from natural sources.

High-fat, high-protein diets can also cause dogging up of the villi. These are tiny projections that line the small intestine in their thousands, giving it a huge surface area for the absorption of digested food. Clearly, our bodies cannot make the most of nutrients unless the villi are able to perform their function effectively. Low-fat foods, with protein from plant sources only, are therefore recommended as part of the detoxification plan.
Plenty of liquid, in the form of filtered or spring water, herb teas, or watered-down fruit juices, is essential for flushing out the kidneys.  It is necessary to give up coffee, tea and alcohol entirely during your detoxification period. Healthy fluid balance can be established in the body by banning added salt and increasing your potassium intake.

There are two important ingredients that act as chelators, in other words, they latch on to unwanted heavy metals and remove them from the system. These are pectin, found in fruits such as apples, and vitamin C.
The sulphur-bearing amino acids methionine and cystine are natural detoxifiers. During metabolism they yield sulphuric acid, which interacts with other substances in a helpful way.  Cystine can also bind harmful metals and thus protect the body. Some food sources are given in the Healthy Diet on one of the links below.

Chlorophyll has the reputation of being a good cleanser, present especially in those dark outer leaves of vegetables such as cabbage, broccoli and spinach. It is best to eat these fresh and raw in salads, and of course always organically grown, if possible.
It is very important to re-establish beneficial bacteria in the gut, and yoghurt made from live culture, Lactobacillus acidophilus or L. bulgaricus, will do this if assimilated on a regular basis.

Four-day detox - A couple of days before commencing this programme, you will need to sprout seeds for the 'Raw day'. Recipes and advice about eating can be found in the Healthy Diet on one of the links below

Day 1 (Friday) Elimination menu
On waking - Peppermint tea
Breakfast High-fibre Muesli with soya or skimmed milk Mid-morning snack: Slice of wholemeal bread with whole peanut butter (salt- and sugar-free); nettle tea
Lunch: Freshly squeezed orange juice, topped up with spring water and a dash of lime juice; Avocado and Pistachio Salad with oatcakes; whole fresh grapes
Tea: Banana; nettle, tea
Dinner Slice of fresh melon; Three Beans Feast; cup of Caro or dandelion coffee
Before bed: Camumile tea

Day 2 (Saturday) Rest day
Grapes and mineral water as required. Take the liquid half an hour before the fruit.

Day 3 (Sunday) Raw day
On waking - Glass of freshly squeezed orange juice with a slice of lemon, topped up with spring water
Breakfast High-fibre Muesli with fresh fruit in season Mid-morning snack-. Fresh-pressed apple juice topped up with spring water; banana
Lunch: Cabbage and Grape Juice; Sprout Salad with Yoghurt
Tea: 1 whole apple, including skin; cup of nettle tea
Dinner Beetroot and Cucumber Juice; Walnut Coleslaw; rice cake; fresh pineapple; peppermint tea Before bed: Cup of camumile and spearmint tea

Day 4 Renewal day
On waking - Blackcurrant tea
Breakfast - Spiced Compote with goat's milk yoghurt and wheatgerm
Mid-morning snack: Handful of nuts mixed with pumpkin seeds and sultanas; nettle tea
Lunch: Grapefruit; Vitamin C Salad, Hummus; slice of wholemeal bread with non-hydrogenated margarine Tea: Date Square; fennel tea
Dinner. Avocado vinaigrette; Baked Stuffed Onions; fresh mango; peppermint tea
Before bed: Cup of camumile tea
This programme can be adjusted to suit your own needs. The number of elimination days can be increased if you are especially bunged up. Equally, the rebuilding time can be extended, keeping to raw food for longer and introducing cooked foods more gradually. The rest day is best kept to no more than one and is not recommended for anyone with metabolic problems such as diabetes or hypoglycaemia, nor for pregnant women.

Detox drinks - Cleanse your whole system and feel full of energy with these nourishing detox drinks.

Apple, cucumber and spinach
3 large apples
quarter of a cucumber
6 spinach leaves
wash all ingredients.
slice the apples and trim the cucumber, to get the green 'skin' off
Juice and enjoy.

Apple, orange and ginger
2 large apples
2 large orangesBody - Good health and healthy foods - Cancer and heart attacks
2cm piece of fresh ginger
wash and slice the apples, peel the orange, (leaving the white pith on) and peel the ginger. Juice. Drink and enjoy!

Carrot and orange
3 large carrots
2 large oranges
wash the carrots and oranges, peel and trim the carrots.
peel the oranges, (leaving the white pith on).

Carrot, tomato and beetroot
2 large carrots
5 tomatoes
half a beetroot
wash all ingredients
peel and trim the carrots and beetroot, then juice.

Pineapple, ginger and mint
half a pineapple (about 400g)
chopped mint leaves.
1cn piece of fresh ginger
chop the pineapple into slices and peel the ginger.
mix the ingredients in the juicer, stir and and serve instantly.

The benefits of juicing - Detoxing is all about eating and drinking pure foods which are rich in vitamins, minerals and antioxidants.
One of the easiest, healthiest and nutritionally rich ways of making detox drinks is to use a juicer. This allows you to obtain the full detoxing benefits of fruit and vegetables before they are leeched away through processing and / or cooking.
Pretty much any fruit and vegetable can be made into a detox juice drink with a juicer. According to the experts, the best juices for detox purposes include celery, cucumber, carrots, apples, pineapples, lemon and ginger, however you should experiment and vary quantities of each to suit your taste.

Once you've tasted freshly prepared, home-made juices, you'll never be satisfied with those sold in cartons or bottles again.
Juices can be used to make any very tasty healthy drinks, tasty soups and sauces.
Did you know ?  -  100ml of carrot juice can give you as many carotenoids (antioxidants), as half a kilo of raw carrots ! !

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