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Justice for Northern Ireland Veterans

This page has been set up so that veterans of Operation Banner can voice our complete dismay at the betrayal we are now facing. The Justice for Northern Ireland Veterans group is specifically dedicated to the support of our brothers and sisters who signed blank cheques for our lives in a forgotten war that successive British Governments have been too embarrassed to acknowledge. Justice for Northern Ireland VeteransNo one wants to admit that we fought a vicious war against the IRA on British soil, under instructions from the UK government.


Is this proper justice?

The British Armed Forces Should Go Sick.

Dennis Hutchings is being prosecuted in Northern Ireland for a shooting that took place in 1971. The incident mistakenly took the life of a mentally disabled man who was unarmed. In mitigation a vehicle patrol had been ambushed in the same area only a few days earlier. The patrol believed that the man they shot was about to initiate a roadside bomb.
So why is Hutchings being prosecuted? The British Government would have us believe that they have no choice and they are only following the rule of law. Others would say that the British Government is so terrified of the threats of Sinn Fein/IRA to return to open violence that they will resort to any form of appeasement. They will if necessary include the sacrifice of a few old soldiers. Their logic dictates that this ‘small sacrifice’ is a price worth paying.

There is no price worth paying that costs our sense of decency. There is no price that justifies the betrayal of men who placed themselves bravely between two warring factions to keep the peace. There is no level of appeasement that will satisfy murdering gangsters.

The British Government might claim that there is peace in Northern Ireland thanks to the Good Friday Agreement. There is not peace in Northern Ireland there is only the cessation of extreme violence. A large proportion of the criminals released under the GFA have already returned to prison for new crimes. Criminal armed gangs control all vice in the province including money laundering, drug sales and bookmaking. Armed criminals control most of the routes across the north to south border and use that control to avoid tax and vat on goods moved from Eire. The police are powerless to intervene due to a lack of political will.

The trial of Dennis Hutchings is a political trial that has been pursued for the sole purpose of convincing the post GFA generation that the British Armed forces occupied Northern Ireland and brutally suppressed the Catholic population. One conviction of one old soldier will be enough for them to say ‘We told you so’ they will use this deviant propaganda to further their cause for domination of the Government of Northern Ireland and then use the conviction as justification for more prosecutions. They don’t want justice they want revenge at any cost and they want the head of Dennis Hutchings as a trophy that they can carry on a pike at the head of their sectarian marches.

If Dennis Hutchings is convicted the cowardly acquiescence of the British Government will have led to a gross miscarriage of justice. Any peace gained will be punished tenfold in the future when further political prosecutions are called for.  Sinn Fein IRA murdered more members of the security forces than any other enemy since the Korean War.

The IRA never released any prisoners. Those that they captured were terribly tortured and then murdered. The IRA tarred and feathered young women who flirted with soldiers and murdered all who were suspected of giving information to the police. They shot their own people through the knees if they strayed from their criminal laws. Sinn Fein/IRA operates in several guises that give them plausible deniability for continuing extortion and murders. Real IRA/ Continuity IRA/INLA/Official IRA, it makes no difference they are all part of an organised crime gang.

I would rather return to the days of terror in Northern Ireland than sacrifice the good people of the province to the control of gangsters. I would rather return to the streets and fight injustice than allow criminal gangsters to control the country. I would rather take the battle back to the terrorist than sacrifice another former soldier on the cross of St Patrick in the name of so called PEACE!

The next time Dennis Hutchings goes to court I call on the armed forces to down tools in protest. I am calling for a sick day or a sick week. Servicemen and women cannot be punished for reporting sick. This case deserves the attention of all ranks, Generals, Colonels, Non-commissioned officers and all other ranks. This case goes to the heart of the relationship between Government and Armed Forces. When servicemen cannot rely on the people who send them to war to protect their interests against terrorists then that government no longer deserves the right to command an army.

Who Dares Shares!

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I write on behalf of families of the British soldiers murdered in the IRA bombing of Hyde Park in 1982.

As you no doubt know, the chief suspect, John Downey, walked free from court in 2014 as a result of a “catastrophic error” by Tony Blair’s government.

He is about to evade justice again due to bureaucratic bungling by the Legal Aid Agency (LAA) and this Government’s unwillingness to step in and intervene.

We have the evidence to bring Downey back to trial in civil proceedings. However, the LAA has repeatedly refused to fund the families on various irrational grounds, including that, in their view, it’s not in the public interest to take Downey to court.

All the while, millions of pounds of public money is spent on countless inquiries and litigation against the British armed forces and its veterans. The estimated £400 million spent on the Saville Inquiry is but one example.

Yet, the LAA is not willing to spend one penny to bring the chief suspect in one of the worst terrorist atrocities committed on British soil to trial.

This imbalance and unfair treatment has to stop.

Due to procedural deadlines, the Families have until 15 August to finishing gathering the necessary evidence, review it and serve proceedings on Downey at his home in Ireland. £70,000 pounds is required to fund the associated necessary costs, expenses and disbursements. This has been requested from the LAA but they have refused

The LAA know that confirmation of this funding is urgently required but it is not forthcoming. The families are running out of time and need urgent assistance.

If you think you can assist in any way at all, I would be extremely grateful for the opportunity to discuss this with you in more detail. My phone number is 07771 560 160 and my email address is 


Matthew Jury

Matthew Jury | Managing Partner
4th Floor
158 Buckingham Palace Road
+44 (0) 2070 963 767

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